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Bigger Chinese role sought in the Arctic

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Denmark welcomes China being more involved in the Arctic, particularly in sectors such as mining, fishing and sea route development.

Danish Arctic Ambassador Erik Vilstrup Lorenzen and Greenlandic Deputy Foreign Minister Kai Holst Andersen made the remarks in an interview with China Daily in Beijing on Monday.

They are in China seeking more opportunities for cooperation, focusing on fishing products, mining and scientific research.

Andersen said they are communicating with two Chinese companies about mining cooperation in Greenland, including a copper company in Jiangxi province.

"If this cooperation can succeed, that could be an example for other Chinese companies that want to cooperate with Greenland," Andersen said.

Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

China's huge market is very important for the island, and it hopes China can get more involved in the projects, he said. China and the kingdom can also cooperate in scientific research such as the study of ice sheets, he added.

Denmark has established several research stations as well as launched several polar expeditions to develop a better understanding and knowledge of the Arctic. China has only one research station in the Arctic, the Yellow River Station.

China and Denmark can work together to explore new sea routes, said Lorenzen, who is in charge of the country's Arctic policies and affairs.

According to scientific research, the Arctic is expected to become ice-free in coming decades as temperatures there rise twice as fast as in the rest of the world. So there is an increasing possibility of a much shorter commercial sea route and a longer navigable period in the Arctic Ocean.

China doesn't have any Arctic coastline, but it is keen to cooperate with those countries that do.

There are five nations with territory near the Arctic circle -Canada, Norway, Russia, the United States and Denmark (through Greenland).


1. Which country welcomes more Chinese involvement in the Arctic?

2. Who is the Danish Arctic ambassador?

3. What is the name of China’s Arctic research station?


1. Denmark.

2. Erik Vilstrup Lorenzen.

3. Yellow River Station.

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Bigger Chinese role sought in the Arctic

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Bigger Chinese role sought in the Arctic

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