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Beijing calls for dialogue on Ukraine

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Beijing is open to any constructive proposal or suggestion that can help ease tensions in Ukraine, President Xi Jinping told his US counterpart Barack Obama on Monday in a phone call on the crisis.

Xi called for all parties concerned to remain calm and exercise restraint.

Heads of state have been engaging in "telephone diplomacy" to exchange views on the increasing tensions in Crimea.

"China takes an objective and fair position on the Ukraine issue," Xi said, adding that the situation is of "great complexity."

He urged the parties involved to eliminate differences through dialogue and to seek a political settlement.

Obama briefed Xi on Washington's position on the issue, with Xi expressing Beijing's willingness to strengthen bilateral contacts and communication.

Xi spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 4, saying that China believed that Russia could coordinate with other parties in pushing for a political settlement.

Speaking to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday, Xi said Beijing is following the situation in Ukraine closely and welcomes constructive international mediation efforts.

Merkel also had phone talks with Putin on Sunday, stressing the urgency of setting up an international contact group to help find a political solution to the conflict in Ukraine.

During Monday's phone conversation, Obama also expressed condolences for the deaths of Chinese civilians in the terrorist attack in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province, on March 1.

He said the US opposes all forms of terrorism and stands ready to cooperate with China in the anti-terror fight.

Obama said his wife, Michelle, is looking forward to visiting China from March 19 to 26.

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Beijing calls for dialogue on Ukraine

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Beijing calls for dialogue on Ukraine

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