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梦露生前性爱影片将被拍卖 底价50万美元
Marilyn Monroe 'sex tape' to be auctioned

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一支声称是已故性感女神玛丽莲•梦露成名前所拍的性爱短片将于下月公开拍卖,底价50万美元。这支黑白短片片长约6分半钟,画质粗糙。收藏家表示,这部影片拍摄于1947年,当时梦露还不到21岁。据了解,玛丽莲•梦露未成年时已经出道,当时她并非叫玛丽莲•梦露,而是叫Norma Jean Baker。短片中梦露的脸蛋与后来成为大明星时有很大的不同,但与她1949年在第一部电影《爱情让人快乐》里的模样没有太大差异。

梦露生前性爱影片将被拍卖 底价50万美元

梦露生前性爱影片将被拍卖 底价50万美元

A Spanish collector plans to auction what he claims is a rare film of Marilyn Monroe shot when she was still an underage actress known as Norma Jean Baker.

A Spanish collector plans to auction what he claims is a rare film of Marilyn Monroe shot when she was still an underage actress known as Norma Jean Baker.

Collector Mikel Barsa wants at least $500,000 (£306,500) for the sexually explicit six-and-a-half-minute, grainy black-and-white film, which he says was made before 1947 when Monroe was not yet 21.

The face of the woman in the film looks considerably different from the Monroe who emerged later as a star, although she does bear a resemblance to the star as she appeared in one of her first movies.

Love Happy, released in 1949, showed the actress as she was before she lost weight, added a beauty spot on her left cheek and became one of Hollywood's most enduring stars.

"The Marilyn that everybody recognises is not the Marilyn seen [in this film] because she underwent a great transformation," Mr Barsa said.

Some have expressed doubts though about the identity of the woman in the video.

A Marilyn Monroe expert said the actress in the film was someone considerably heavier and less feminine than the legendary film star.

"If you look at the chin line, at the jaw line, at the teeth of the woman in the film and compare that to Marilyn you can clearly make some distinctions," said Scott Fortner, who has a sizeable collection of Monroe memorabilia.

The film is not the only copy in existence, nor is it the first pornographic film attributed to the actress.

A 15-minute, 16mm film, reportedly shot in the 1950s and said to show the blonde sex symbol engaged in oral sex with a unidentified man sold for $1.5 million (£920,000) in 2008.

Mr Barsa said his 8mm film was identical to a 16mm reel discovered more than a decade ago and sold to a collector for $1.2 million (£735,000) in 1997. In the 1940s, sex films were often made using side-by-side 16mm and 8mm cameras, since audiences used both formats, he added.

The Spaniard has refused to identify the owner of the films who has sought his help in selling them, but said he planned to auction the unverified film on August 7 at a memorabilia collectors fair in Buenos Aires.

Monroe died in 1962, aged 36.


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梦露生前性爱影片将被拍卖 底价50万美元

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