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"Newspaper Reporter" Ranks as the Worst Job in US

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Best Jobs in 2013 (2013年度十大最佳职业)

1. Actuary (精算师)

2. Biomedical Engineer(生物医学工程师)

3. Software Engineer (软件工程师)

4. Audiologist (听觉专家)

5. Financial Planner (财务策划师)

6. Dental Hygienist (洗牙师)

7. Occupational Therapist (职业治疗师)

8. Optometrist (验光配镜师)

9. Physical Therapist (物理治疗师)

10. Computer Systems Analyst (计算机系统分析师)

Worst Jobs in 2013 (2013年度十大最差职业)

200. Newspaper Reporter (报纸记者)

199. Lumberjack (伐木工人)

198. Enlisted Military Personnel (军人)

197. Actor(演员)

196. Oil Rig Worker(石油钻塔工人)

195. Dairy Farmer(奶农)

194. Meter Reader(抄表员)

193. Mail Carrier(邮递员)

192. Roofer(屋顶建筑工程)

191. Flight Attendant(飞机乘务员)



CareerCast rankers found that newspaper reporter was the worst job of 2013.

If you hate your current job, you might have the worst job of 2013, according to CareerCast.com. The website released its Jobs Rated 2013 list, a ranking of the 200 best and worst jobs of 2013 in the US.

Which job might have people reconsidering their career path?

CareerCast rankers found that newspaper reporter was the worst job of 2013.

"It's been towards the bottom of the list over the course of 25 years," Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast.com, told ABCNews.com. "It's been increasingly worse over time." With low salary prospects, tight deadlines, and a 24/7 news environment, newspaper writing is a demanding job, with a negative employment growth, according to CareerCast. Newspapers have been closing by the dozens and those that are still open face continual contraction as revenue dwindles and ads migrate to the Internet.

Even lumberjacks and soldiers, whose jobs were ranked as worse in past years, have improved in CareerCast's criteria compared with newspaper writers. For lumberjacks, the higher demand for lumber has given them a positive employment growth, Lee said. "Same for military soldiers, there's been a draw down," he said, which leaves some entry-level room in the ranks.

As for the best job of 2013, actuaries can happily keep their day job. According to CareerCast, actuaries are in high demand, with a great work environment and high salary. Other best jobs of 2013 include biomedical engineer, software engineer, and audiologist.

For its list, CareerCast considered four core job categories that Lee said are inherent in every job: environment, income, outlook, and stress.

"We have a wide range of criteria we look at when we do the rankings," Lee said.

Other considerations within those categories include emotional factors, income potential, and unemployment rates within a specific job.

"If you have any aptitude at all for any of the science, math, or engineering fields, look to see how you can apply your skills to those differently," Lee said as his advice for those stuck in one of the top ten worst jobs. "That's where the demand is now." (Source: ABCNews.com)


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