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美国小镇禁穿低腰裤 违者罚款
Wildwood, New Jersey, set to ban low-slung trousers

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美国小镇禁穿低腰裤 违者罚款

美国小镇禁穿低腰裤 违者罚款

 A beach town in the US state of New Jersey is passing a ban on the wearing of low-slung trousers, jeans or shorts on its boardwalk.

A beach town in the US state of New Jersey is passing a ban on the wearing of low-slung trousers, jeans or shorts on its boardwalk.

The sight of exposed skin or underwear has attracted complaints from tourists, says Wildwood Mayor Ernest Troiano.

He is introducing a dress code prohibiting trousers that hang more than 3in (7.6cm) below the hips.

Authorities in suburbs of New Orleans, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Miami and Jacksonville, Fla., are among those who have passed laws banning low-slung trousers.

Under its plan, people would also be required to wear shoes and shirts on the boardwalk.

Mayor Troiano said: "When you have good families who call you up and say, 'I've been coming here 20 years, 30 years, 40 years and I'm not going to any longer because I'm not going to subject my children or my parents or grandparents to seeing some kid walk down the boardwalk with their butt hanging out,' you have to do something."

Anyone who breaks the rules would be fined $25-$100 the first time, and $200 for a repeat offence, or might have to complete 40 hours of community service.

Swimming costumes are already banned on Wildwood's boardwalk.

The fashion trend is believed to have originated in US prisons, where inmates are not allowed to wear belts.

But the look was taken up by hip-hop artists and is commonly worn by young people.

(Source: BBC News)



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美国小镇禁穿低腰裤 违者罚款

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