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英国机场加强安检 严防“乳房炸弹”混入
Women suicide bombers hide explosives in their BREAST IMPLANTS

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英国机场加强安检 严防“乳房炸弹”混入

Procedures: Staff at Heathrow, pictured, say that there is a 'genuine fear' over the issue, so staff are taking extra care to check



Heathrow Airport is on high terror alert amid fears female terrorists might use breast implants as bombs, it emerged today.

Experts believe there is a 'credible' threat that al-Qaida could target flights out of London using explosives hidden in the chests of its operatives.

Specialists believe women could have had breast surgery with implants which, if injected with another liquid, will cause a large enough explosion to take down a plane.

Sources have said that security at Heathrow is taking longer as they check busts.

'There are genuine fears over this,' a member of staff told the Daily Mirror.

'We have been told to pay particular attention to females who may have concealed hidden explosives in their breasts.

'This is particularly difficult for us to pick up but we are on a very high state of alert. It’s led to long queues here at Heathrow – much longer than usual at this time of the year.'

Terrorism expert Andy Oppenheimer added: 'There is a great fear that al-Qaeda are planning on using internal devices to try to get through airport scanners. These explosives could be in breast implants.'

Government sources have admitted they are aware of the breast implant threat but Heathrow and the Department for Transport said they would not comment on specifics.

A spokesman for the DfT said: 'The safety of the travelling public is paramount, which is why the UK combines technology, intelligence and other measures to provide one of the strictest aviation security regimes in the world.

'We have a regular monitoring programme in place to ensure compliance with this regime, but do not comment on the specifics or outcomes for obvious reasons.'

Meanwhile a Merseyside MP is demanding answers after claims two improvised explosive devices and two knives were missed in security tests at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

A whistle-blower at the airport has claimed that security tests - known as 'coverts' - were taking place on August 7 when the two IEDs and the blades passed through hand-baggage screening without being discovered.

It meant they would have been able to be taken onto a plane at JLA without further discovery.

Management at the airport today remained tight-lipped about the alleged incidents and would neither confirm or deny they had taken place.

Maria Eagle, Labour's Shadow Secretary of State for Transport and within whose Garston and Halewood constituency the airport is sited, said she was deeply concerned by the claims.

She said: 'As local MP and in my other role, this allegation is extremely worrying, and I will be asking the aviation minister to look at this and give me some assurances about what is going on.'










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