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维也纳地铁内禁接吻、大声打电话 违者罚款50欧元
Vienna introduces €50 fines for kissing, speaking on a mobile phone

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维也纳地铁内禁接吻、大声打电话 违者罚款50欧元

维也纳地铁内禁接吻、大声打电话 违者罚款50欧元

A transport firm will fine customers caught kissing, eating smelly food, or talking too loudly

Vienna might be home to Gustav Klimts most famous painting, The Kiss, which is widely regarded as one of the most important pieces of art ever made.

But love is definitely not in the air in the Austria capital after strait-laced officials agreed to slap canoodling couples with a fine if they are caught smooching on board its trains.

Wiener Linien, the company that runs the city's transport network, claims it has been inundated with complaints from passengers opposed to such displays of public affection.

People who talk too loudly on their mobile phones and those who eat smelly foods, such as Chinese takeaway or kebabs, also face being dragged off underground trains by specially appointed sheriffs and handed €50 fines.

The company has decided to take action after conducting a survey into passengers' pet hates.

Wiener Linien spokesman Daniel Amann said: 'Our controllers are well trained to recognize what disturbs other passengers.

The company claims it has been experiencing increasingly odd activities on board its transport network.

There has been an increase in the number of naked passengers, and on one occasion a couple were found having sex on board.

In another bizarre episode, a passenger brought their pet horse onboard.

Mr Amann added: 'This of course goes way beyond the 50 Euro fine. These matters are for the police.'

In 2009 kissing was banned on the platform at Warrington Bank Quay railway station because couples who were romantically saying farewell were making the trains late.

To tackle the issue, a special 'kissing zone' was set up in the short stay car park.

Here, couples using the station were given 20 minutes to indulge their amorous feelings toward each other.

(Source: Mail Online)


全球最宜居城市 维也纳蝉联榜首



维也纳地铁内禁接吻、大声打电话 违者罚款50欧元

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