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French president Hollande preparing to marry mistress on his 60th birthday

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Francois Hollande is preparing to marry his mistress on his 60th birthday next month, according to sensational media reports in France.

The country’s bachelor president has been plagued by rumours about his personal life since splitting up with his live-in-girlfriend in January.

Valerie Trierweiler, 49, had to leave the Elysee when Mr Hollande’s secret affair with Julie Gayet, a 42-year-old actress, was made public.

Miss Gayet has kept a low profile ever since – refusing to even acknowledge she is seeing the head of state – but may now be preparing to tie the knot.

Midi Libre, the highly respected newspaper, is one of many which reports: ‘The President of the Republic could make official his relationship with Julie Gayet by marrying her on August 12, the date of his sixtieth birthday.’

A Socialist Party source meanwhile told the Parisien newspaper: ‘It’s been three months that we have been hearing that he intends to formalise his relationship with Julia Gayet on August 12, when they will marry.’

The rumours intensified on July 14, Bastille Day, when Mr Hollande was asked directly about his private life in a live interview. Mr Hollande said: ‘When I have information, I’ll communicate it, I’ll do it, but I have none.’

According to the new claims, arrangements have now been made for a simple civic ceremony.

Mr Hollande, a Socialist, has never expressed any interest in the institution of marriage before, despite having four children with his Ecology Minister, Segolene Royal, another former girlfriend.

But it is thought that Mr Hollande has felt increasingly uncomfortable attending official engagements without an official partner.

If the marriage goes ahead, it will mean that France will have another ‘celebrity’ first lady, following four years of former supermodel and pop singer Carla Bruni, up until 2012.

While Julie Gayet, a divorced mother of two, is barely known internationally, she is a well-known TV actress in France, having regularly appeared in a number of programmes, films and talk shows.

Despite this, she launched civil proceedings against magazines for publishing pictures of Mr Hollande arriving at flat in Paris on the back of a moped.

She and the President were using the love nest, almost next door to the Elysee Palace, for secret trysts while Ms Trierweiler portrayed herself as first lady.

Ms Trierweiler suffered an emotional breakdown when she heard about the deception, checking herself into hospital for more than a week.

In recent weeks there have been rumours that Mr Hollande and Ms Trierweiler were intending to get back together again, but a marriage involving Miss Gayet would of course end all hope.


据英国《每日邮报》报道,法国媒体称,法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德(Francois Hollande)准备在他下月60岁生日时迎娶绯闻女星。


奥朗德的秘密情人,42岁的女演员朱莉·嘉叶(Julie Gayet)公之于众之时,49岁的瓦莱丽-特里埃维勒(Valerie Trierveiler)不得不离开爱丽舍宫。


声望颇高的《南方日报》(Midi Libre)也是报道媒体之一:“共和国总统在他六十岁生日时与朱莉·嘉叶完婚,建立正式关系。”

同时,一个社会主义党消息人士对《巴黎人》(the Parisien)报纸曝料:“这过去三个月里,我们一直在听他说他打算在8月12日生日那天与朱莉·嘉叶正式确定关系,并完婚”。



作为一个社会党人,奥朗德从来没有对婚姻制度表示过任何兴趣,不过他与前女友,生态环境部长塞戈莱纳·罗亚尔(Segolene Royal)育有四个孩子。


如果婚姻继续下去,这意味着继截止到2012年的前女模特和歌手卡拉·布鲁尼(Carla Bruni)之后,法国将有另一个“名流”第一夫人。





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法总统奥朗德准备在60岁生日时与绯闻女星完婚 法总统奥朗德准备在60岁生日时与绯闻女星完婚