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Spurned French first lady to publish explosive kiss-and-tell book

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The spurned first lady lover of Francois Hollande will this week publish an explosive book in which the French president is ‘not spared’, it emerged today.

Thank You For The Moment, which comes out on Thursday, is said to be a no-holds-barred account of Valerie Trierweiler’s 18 months at the Elysee Palace.

It will be the first time that a serving French head of state has been exposed to a ‘kiss and tell’ book while still in office. Ms Trierweiler’s time as first lady ended ignominiously in January when the 49-year-old was effectively sacked from her high profile role. It followed revelations about Mr Hollande’s secret love affair with the 42-year-old TV actress, Julie Gayet.

He was regularly going to see the divorced mother-of-two on the back of a moped accompanied by security guards while officially being with Ms Trierweiler.

The humiliation was so great for Ms Trierweiler, who herself has three children from an earlier marriage, that she checked herself into a public hospital for eight days suffering from ‘stress’.

She said that being cheated on and then dumped by Mr Hollande felt like ‘falling from a skyscraper’ and ‘like being hit by a high speed trains’.

Such dramatic metaphors are expected to fill Thank You for the Moment, which will pour further ridicule on Mr Hollande.

Breaking news of the upcoming book, French parliamentary commentator Brigitte Boucher said Mr Hollande ‘would not be spared’, not to mention the entire Elysee Palace soap opera.

Mr Trierweiler, who forged her career as a journalist on Paris Match, has already blamed 'low blows', 'betrayals' and 'back-stabbing' for the way she was treated. She originally said she wanted to be a Princess Diana style ‘Queen of Hearts’ who travels the world helping the poor and the sick.

However, she was widely mocked in France for travelling around Mumbai in a chauffeur driven limousine while staying in the five star Taj Palace Hotel during a humanitarian trip to India earlier this year.

Ms Trierweiler is often referred to as 'Rotteweiler' because of the way she savages her enemies and critics are already referring to the book as the 'Rottweiler's Revenge'.

Mr Hollande, who had never married, remains a ‘bachelor president’, although he has four grown-up children with his Ecology Minister, Segolene Royal.

Ms Gayet has not spoken since pictures were published of Mr Hollande leaving their Paris love nest on the back of a moped, while using a crash helmet as a poor disguise.

Ms Trierweiler is yet to comment on Thank You For This Moment (Merci Pour Ce Moment) which is being prepared under conditions of great secrecy. It is published by editions Les Arènes.


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