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While grownups are stuck waiting for Apple to release its watch next year, toddlers can already get their very own smartwatch. The $60 Vtech Kidizoom watch can play games, take video and even download apps and new watches. KMart has even named it as one of its top holiday toys, adding it to the firm's 'Fab 15' list.

Retailers say that children's gadgets are a huge market. 'Electronic toys that offer interactive play are on-trend and this year's Kidizoom Smartwatch is one of our favorites,' said Hugo Malan, SVP and president, fitness, sporting goods and toys at Sears Holdings. 'The Kidizoom Smartwatch inspires creativity for young photographers with fun photo effects, frames and filters, in addition to including four learning games.'

Vtech's Charlotte Johnson said: 'We know that firms like Samsung and Sony have already created smart watches for adults, but we want children to be able play their part in the development of this technology. 'This is about using technology to improve and enhance a simple product like a watch. It will help develop skills that will become important in the future.'

She said the watches are robust enough to cope with being bumped and bashed, while she believes children will be happy to wear them to school.

The smartwatch provides new evidence as to how technology is revolutionising traditional toys and playtime.

Toy manufacturers are being forced to adapt their products to try and ensure children do not defect to computer games and consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation. '

VTech is world-renowned for the superior innovation, design and the development that goes into our toys,' said William To, President of VTech Electronics North America. '

With the trend in smartwatches for adults, VTech has again successfully harnessed the latest technological trend and brought it to children in a fun, interactive, safe and educational way. '

The unique camera and video functions really resonate with children and set us apart from other watches and wearable tech.'

The Kidizoom Smartwatch lets kids capture photos, add photo effects, record videos and play built-in games for learning fun on the go.

Complete with an easy-to-use 1.4' color touch screen, as well as more than 50 digital and analog clock displays.

The Kidizoom Smartwatch also boasts a rechargeable battery, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, voice recorder with funny voice changing effects and parental game controls.


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