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Too young to be a supermodel? Meet nine-year-old Kristina Pimenova, the controversial child fashion star dubbed 'the most beautiful girl in the world'

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Gifted: Kristina has been walking catwalks since the age of four, graced the cover of Vogue Bambini when she was seven, and has been the face of Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Benetton

Kristina Pimenova may only be nine years old, but she's been a hugely successful model since the age of three, and is widely touted 'the most beautiful girl in the world.'

克里斯汀娜·皮曼诺娃(Kristina Pimenova)虽然只有九岁大,但是她从三岁起便成为了一位十分成功的模特,还被誉为“世界上最美丽的女孩”。

Kristina, from Moscow, Russia, has been walking catwalks since the age of four, graced the prestigious cover of Vogue Bambini when she was seven, and has already been the face of Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Benetton, among others.

克里斯汀娜出生于俄罗斯莫斯科,从四岁开始走猫步,七岁时便登上知名杂志Vogue Bambini(意大利知名童装杂志)的封面。此外,她已经为罗伯特·卡沃利(Roberto Cavalli),杜嘉班纳(Dolce & Gabbana),阿玛尼(Armani)以及贝纳通(Benetton)等品牌拍摄照片。

She also has a legion of fans - more than two million Facebook followers - but also a large handful of concerned critics who insist she's being sexualized. Indeed, recent comments on her Instagram photos include users declaring her a 'babe' and praising her 'long legs.'


With her long honey blonde hair, piercing azure eyes and angelic facial features, Kristina's breathtaking beauty is undeniable.


Her mother Glikeriya Shirokova, unsurprisingly a former model herself, seemingly manages her daughter's career and mans her various social media accounts.

她的妈妈格利克里娅·席洛科娃(Glikeriya Shirokova)曾经是一位模特,如今管理女儿的事业以及社交媒体账户。

She regularly updates Kristina's Instagram feed with photos of her, both professional and candid, and states that Kristina 'DOES NOT post on the internet.'


The nine-year-old's Facebook biography reads: 'She first got started in modelling when she was 3 years old, anywhere her mom would go, people would tell her how adorable Kristina was and tell her to try modelling.


'Her mom decided to try it out and Kristie soon realized how much fun it was, especially catwalk and fashion shows.


'She's been having a blast ever since and is still loving every minute of it.'


Kristina's father is Ruslan Pimenov, a 33-year-old retired footballer who played for Russia in the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

克里斯汀娜的父亲鲁斯兰·皮蒙诺夫(Ruslan Pimenov)现年33岁,是一位退役的足球运动员,曾于2002年踢过世界杯足球赛。

Little is known about Kristina's older sister Natalia - her only sibling - but one fan site, Kristina Pimenova UK, states she is 15, studying in England and presumably not a model.


Kristina, having evidently won the genetic lottery in more ways than one, is also a gifted competitive gymnast.


Although she only models children's clothing, and wears little - if any - make-up in her professional shots, photos which involve her wearing shorts or little skirts often invite disturbing comments.


'Creepy pic for a child,' writes one commenter of a candid photo of Kristina wearing leopard print hot pants, while another, seemingly male user, wrote: 'I like it.'


In response to one comment about Kristina's 'sexy legs', another wrote: 'Treating a child like a adult, taking adult style photos is so wrong.


'You are sexifying your daughter and parents like you are the reason why girls grow up to have many issues... also there are so many sick ppl out their that look at these in sexually ways.


'My child would never ever ever ever ever wear shorts this tight and small ever .'


Her mother Glikeriya claims she frequently deletes inappropriate comments, and lists 'rules' on Kristina's Facebook page including: 'All the content shared on this page should be kid friendly.


'Any video or pictures posted here that is not appropriate for Kristina's age will be deleted and whoever posted it will be blocked.'


She also states: 'Kristina's pictures can not be used for role playing.'


Some argue that Kristina's photos are entirely innocent and that adults are projecting their own agendas onto essentially neutral images.


'You can say her expression is sultry in her photos, or suggestive, or too mature,' one London-based model agent, who prefers to remain anonymous, tells MailOnline.


'Or you can say she looks moody and sulky. Essentially, you're just looking at a girl who happens to be extraordinary beautiful. Perhaps if her face was that of an average-looking child, no-one would be having this conversation.'


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