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Social jet lag 假后返工时差

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春节长假结束,工作生活恢复正常。你感受到“假后返工时差(social jet lag)”了吗?

Social jet lag 假后返工时差

Social jet lag refers to the feeling of being very tired when you return to work after a holiday, especially because of changes to your sleeping pattern.

Social jet lag指休假结束返回工作岗位时的倦怠感,主要是由睡眠模式的变化引起的,称为“假后返工时差”。

The root cause of social jet lag is the more relaxed sleeping pattern that many people adopt when on holiday. Conscious that they don't need to be up at the crack of dawn the next day, people luxuriate in the opportunity to lie in, getting up later in the morning and going to bed later in the evening. Faced with going back to work after perhaps as much as two weeks of a different cycle of waking and sleeping, a person's body clock is thrown out of