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Website imparts zodiac wisdom

中国日报网 2013-02-20 10:23



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Are you currently at an age that is a multiple of 12? If so, congratulations - you might be a gifted risk-taker, and you probably don't even know it.

As a fun way to celebrate the Year of the Snake, personal finance website GoBankingRates.com examined the link between personal savings habits and the Chinese zodiac, known in Chinese as shengxiao.

The website collects interest rate information from more than 4,000 US banks and credit unions, making it an online rate aggregator of local interest rate information.

People can find their characteristics associated with each animal in the 12-year Chinese zodiac - the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig - all of which coincide with certain birth years. These traits are then analyzed in terms of how they might correspond to a person's money management approach.

"The snake is known for showcasing wisdom and continuously seeking purpose," it said. "On the financial side, the snake is considered a bit of a risk-taker, not afraid to jump head first into a financial deal - or even a shopping spree - without thinking about what's at stake."

If you find your personality is similar to that of your zodiac sign, it's good to know there are ways to ensure your ability to spend, save and grow money responsibly is always intact, it said.

The website said that a smart way to avoid overspending in the Year of the Snake is to place money into savings accounts with low liquidity such as high-interest savings accounts or certificates of deposit.

The Chinese New Year represents the first day of the first month on the Chinese lunar calendar.

"Billions of people celebrate the Chinese New Year," said Casey Bond, managing editor of GoBankingRates.com. "But even those who don't can stand to benefit from some insight into how the year they were born could affect the decisions they make with their money every day."

The Chinese zodiac is also used by other cultures. The animal signs usually appear on Korean New Year and Japanese New Year cards and stamps. The US Postal Service is one of many postal authorities in the world to issue postage stamps each year to honor the Chinese tradition.

"It is interesting to see the close connection between my money, luck and the zodiac signs. I prefer to believe the positive prediction for 2013," said Martha Aguiar, a San Francisco resident. "Whenever I see a picture of the snake decorated at Macy's this month, I always have a strong impulse to shop."

In Las Vegas, most of the hotels along the Strip have been adorned with likenesses of the snake to not only celebrate the Year of the Snake, but to inspire visitors to spend.

For families expecting babies this year, parents can find relief from their headaches after the boom in births in the Year of the Dragon last year.

"I don't need to compete for gynecologists and my boy won't have too many competitors when he is at school," said Summer Song, 32, the mother of a newborn baby. "It is the best investment to have my boy in the Year of Snake."

According to the zodiac, the dragon is fired up about life, carrying energy and a heroic heart. Filled with vitality and strength, dragons are able to accomplish great things in life.

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Website imparts zodiac wisdom

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Website imparts zodiac wisdom

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