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1. Between us we could afford them. 我们一起应该能付得起房租。

2. Do stop loitering by the door and come in. 别在门外晃了,进来吧。

3. My Boswell is learning. 我的传记作者学到了东西。

4. Beyond a doubt, it is her. 这肯定是她,无可置疑。

5. More to the point, what’s your problem? 更重要的是,你什么毛病?

6. These are deep waters. 此案非常复杂。

7. I thought you might be a little out of your depth there. 我觉得那案子你会有点力不从心。

8. And where would be the sport in that? 那还有什么意思呢?

9. The game is afoot. 游戏开始了。

10. Chewing the fat. 聊着天。

11. We’ll show ourselves out. 我们告辞了。

12. I’m glad you’re seeing sense. 很高兴你在逐渐开悟。

13. Press are having a ruddy field day. 媒体都乐疯了。

14. I’ve been rushed off my feet making tea. 我一直忙着泡茶。

15. I’ve returned the courtesy. 我也礼尚往来了。

16. I beg to differ. 我不敢苟同。



Holmes: From the beginning, then.

Emelia: You!

Man: No, please!

Emelia: You?!

Holmes: A moment. When was this?

Lestrade: Yesterday morning.

Holmes: The bride's face, how was it described?

Lestrade: "White as death, mouth like a crimson wound."

Holmes: Poetry or truth?

Lestrade: Many would say they're the same thing.

Holmes: Yes, idiots. Poetry or truth?

Lestrade: I saw her face myself. Afterwards.

Holmes: After what?

Emelia: You? Or me?

Holmes: Oh, really, Lestrade, a woman blows her own brains out in public and you need help identifying the guilty party? I feel Scotland Yard has reached a new low.

Lestrade: That's not why I'm here.

Holmes: I surmised.

Watson: What was her name, the bride?

Lestrade: Emelia Ricoletti. Yesterday was her wedding anniversary. The police, of course, were called. And her body taken to the morgue.

Holmes: Standard procedure. Why are you telling us what may be presumed?

Lestrade: Because of what happened next. Limehouse. Just a few hours later. Thomas Ricoletti. Emelia Ricoletti's husband.

Holmes: Presumably on his way to the morgue to identify her remains?

Lestrade: As it turned out, he was saved the trip.

Emelia: ♪ Do not forget me ♪

♪ Do not forget me ♪

♪ Remember the maid... ♪

Thomas: Who are you?

Emelia: ♪ The maid of the mill... ♪

Thomas: Why are you doing this? Just tell me who you are!

Emelia: You recognise our song, my dear? I sang it at our wedding.

Thomas: Emelia? You, you're dead, you can't be here, you died!

Emelia: Am I not beautiful, Thomas? As beautiful as the day you married me?

Soldier: What the hell is all this about?!

Emelia: What does it look like, my handsome friend? It's a shotgun wedding.

Holmes: Till death do us part. Twice in this case.

Watson: Extraordinary.

Mary: Impossible.

Holmes: Superb. Suicide as street theatre, murder by corpse. Lestrade, you're spoiling us. Watson, your hat and coat.

Watson: Where are we going?

Holmes: To the morgue. There's not a moment to lose, which one can so rarely say of a morgue.

Mary: And am I just to sit here?

Watson: Not at all, my dear. We'll be hungry later. Holmes, just one thing, tweeds in a morgue?

Holmes: Needs must when the devil drives, Watson.

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