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Gaspard the friendly fox 友好的小狐狸 “加斯帕德”



Gaspard the friendly fox 友好的小狐狸 “加斯帕德”


有关 “友谊 friendship” 的词汇


What did Zeb realise when he met Gaspard's cubs?


It’s the unlikeliest of friendships, and one which has been blossoming over the last year, between a neighbourhood fox and a BBC newsreader. Zeb Soanes, familiar to many who listen to the Today programme and the Shipping Forecast, befriended the animal one evening after work.

这是一段最不可能发生的友谊,而在过去一年里,它渐渐萌生于一只流浪在街头的狐狸和一名 BBC 播音员之间。赛博·索恩斯这个名字为很多收听 BBC 广播节目《今日》和《海上天气预报》的人所熟知,一天晚上下班后,他和这只动物成了朋友

Zeb Soanes, broadcaster and author
There was this beautiful little fox, just here… with an injured leg, and it was the most beautiful fox that you’ve ever seen. It was like a Disney fox. And I had some wafer-thin ham, I think, brought down and gave it to the fox. And then a couple weeks later the fox was back, completely better - and has visited ever since.

赛博·索恩斯 播音员兼作家

As the fox started to become more familiar with Zeb, he decided to name him Gaspard.

随着这只狐狸赛博熟络起来,他决定叫它 “加斯帕德”。

Zeb Soanes, broadcaster and author
There was something incredibly trusting about this fox, and it was comfortable enough to come really close to me. And… there was something magical about him.

赛博·索恩斯 播音员兼作家

Gaspard allowed Zeb to photograph him, the best of which he posted on social media.


It wasn’t until Zeb met Gaspard’s cubs that he realised the ‘he’ was a ‘she’.


We didn’t think that we’d catch a glimpse of Gaspard and her family, but as we were getting ready to go, this happened. And soon after, her cub appeared too.


Zeb Soanes, broadcaster and author
It’s amazing in this busy city to have this connection with something so wild, and I never take it for granted. The fox could decide not to arrive tomorrow, but it keeps turning up and I hope it still does.

赛博·索恩斯 播音员兼作家


unlikeliest of friendships 极为罕见的友谊

blossoming (友情)深入发展

befriended 交了朋友

become familiar with 与…变得熟悉起来

trusting 容易信任他人的


It is estimated that the UK has approximately one urban fox for every 300 members of the population. With a human population of around 65 million people, that's just over 200,000 foxes!



Zeb realised that Gaspard was a female.



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