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小测验 — 咖啡词汇



不论是寒冷冬日里的一杯美式,还是炎热夏季的冰镇拿铁…对很多人来说,清晨里的一杯咖啡都象征着新一天的开始。“国际咖啡日” 就要到了,你是咖啡爱好者吗?做六道《英语小测验》题,测试你是否了解和这种提神饮品有关的词汇和语法知识。

1. Most of the world's coffee ______ Brazil.

a) made in

b) comes from

c) grown in

d) exports from

2. Coffee beans are not really beans, ______ they are seeds.

a) virtually

b) realistically

c) actually

d) usually           

3. Coffee that can made quickly by adding hot water to coffee powder is called ______.

a) instant coffee

b) immediate coffee

c) now coffee

d) soon coffee          

4. A cup of coffee made without milk or cream is a ______.

a) black coffee

b) white coffee

c) dark coffee

d) brown coffee

5. Caffeine is the chemical in coffee which can make people active and give them energy for a short time. It's a(n) ______.

a) anti-depressant

b) stimulant

c) intoxicant

d) disinfectant

6. If you want a cup of coffee without caffeine, you order a(n) ______.

a) uncaff

b) nocaff

c) decaff

d) excaff              


1) b, 2) c, 3) a, 4) a, 5) b, 6) c.

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