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小测验 — 旅行和旅游业词汇



九月中旬马上就要过去,夏日转瞬即逝。不过,别忘了每年9月27日的 “世界旅游日 World Tourism Day”!你还对假期恋恋不舍吗?那就来通过做六道与 “旅行和旅游业” 有关的小题来回顾你的精彩夏日吧。

1. Don't go to that market, it's a tourist ______. You can buy better things much cheaper elsewhere.

a) hot spot

b) trap

c) area

d) shop

2. Whenever I travel I don't like to go to all the famous places, I prefer to go______.

a) up river

b) on the level

c) over the rails

d) off the beaten track

3. When I go on holiday I prefer to ______. I only take a very small bag with me.

a) travel light

b) travel heavy

c) travel loose

d) travel free

4. The busiest time of year to travel is usually the most expensive. It's usually much cheaper if you can plan your trip for the ______.

a) peak season

b) off-season

c) free season

d) on season

5. If you want all your holiday arrangements made for you, you can book a ______.

a) cruise

b) travel tour

c) package tour

d) flight

6. Famous places that people like to visit are called ______.

a) tourist sites

b) tourist attractions

c) tourist locations

d) tourist venues


1) b, 2) d, 3) a, 4) b, 5) c, 6) b.

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