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英国大一新生入学前准备:会做5个热菜 Students to be quizzed on whether they can cook five hot meals

中国日报网 2019-07-15 13:46



Students at Chase Grammar School. [Photo/chasegrammar.com]

Sixth formers are to be quizzed on whether they can cook five hot meals and how often they should change their sheets, as part of a Government-backed scheme to prepare them for university.


Ministers are urging schools to put on special workshops for students aged 16-18 to ensure they feel comfortable with the prospect of leaving home.


The course, designed by the university accommodation provider Unite Students, will teach pupils how to manage their finances and how to live independently.


According to the course materials, teachers should ask students questions which may not have occurred to them, such as “what is the price of a litre of milk?” and “list 5 hot meals you can cook from scratch” and “how often will you wash your sheets once you move out of home?”


Damian Hinds, the Education Secretary, said: “We are all very conscious that moving away from home and going to university is one of the most exciting things that happens in your life but it can also be very daunting.”


daunting ['dɔ:ntɪŋ]:adj.使人畏缩的;使人气馁的;令人怯步的


He said that an important part of education is preparing children for adulthood so “and it is right that we teach them what to expect for life after school”.


Mr Hinds said that when he got to university, he discovered he had “relied on my mum more than I realised I did” adding: “I wish I could have cooked better.”


Earlier this year, ministers set up a new taskforce called the Education Transitions Network, which includes representatives from Universities UK, Ucas and the National Union of Students.


task force [ˈtæskˌfɔrs]:n.工作小组,特别工作组


It is part of a drive by the Department for Education to address the rise in students who report mental health issues during their time at university.


Data released earlier this year showed that the number of students declaring mental health problems on arrival at university has surged.


Figures obtained showed a 73 percent rise between 2014-15 and 2017-18 in students stating that they had a condition such as depression or anxiety before starting their courses.





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