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小测验 — 英语倒装句的用法

英语的倒装句多出现在正式演讲和书面语中,但人们有时也会在日常会话中使用它来加强语气。在否定倒装句中,表否定含义的副词或动词前置,用来强调事物的特性。比如:Rarely has she produced such beautiful poetry. 她鲜少写出如此美丽的诗句。


1. ______ heard more lies being told.

a) Never again have I

b) No sooner have I

c) Never have I

d) Under no circumstances have I

2. ______ driven all the way to work did I realise that I’d left my briefcase in the house.

a) Never before had I

b) Not until I had

c) At no time had I

d) Never had I

3. ______ of the fans that they sang their national anthem in the streets.

a) Hardly was the passion

b) Seldom was the passion

c) Rarely was the passion

d) Such was the passion

4. ______ must you try to touch the animals at the zoo. They are extremely dangerous.

a) Rarely

b) Only after

c) Under no circumstances

d) Not only

5. ______ how expensive the restaurants would be.

a) Little did we realise

b) Not only did we realise

c) Rarely did we realise

d) No sooner

6. ______ created so much controversy.

a) No sooner has a piece of art

b) Little has a piece of art

c) Under no circumstances has a piece of art

d) Seldom has a piece of art

7. ______ when it started to rain.

a) Seldom had the wedding begun

b) Hardly had the wedding begun

c) Rarely had the wedding begun

d) Not until the wedding begun

8. ______ we had bought the house did we discover the secret room in the basement.

a) No sooner

b) Seldom

c) Only after

d) Rarely


1) c, 2) b, 3) d, 4) c, 5) a, 6) d, 7) b, 8) c.


小测验 — 英语中的引述动词


Dear Sir/Madam 尊敬的先生/女士


Tiger mother 虎妈


Regards 祝好,致敬

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