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疫情影响土豆出口 比利时人被要求多吃薯条 Belgians urged to eat more fries, potato products during COVID-19

中国日报网 2020-05-12 08:35




Fresh french fries are seen at Mydibel Group factory, a manufacturer of chilled, frozen and dehydrated potato products, amid the coronavirus pandemic,in Moucron, Belgium, April 29, 2020.Yves Herman/Reuters


When you read the headline 'Belgians urged to eat more fries' you may think it's a joke, but in Belgium, it was a serious request.


The country's potato industry has been hit hard by COVID-19. When the virus began shutting down Italy, Spain and eventually Belgium, the crisis was in full swing, according to Romain Cools, the Secretary-General of Belgapom, which oversees Belgium's potato trade and processing industry.


He tells ABC News' "Perspective Podcast" the country has a giant surplus of potatoes, caused by the shutdown of the food service sector since about 70% of the potatoes in Belgium are consumed out of the home.


"We are talking about 750,000 tons of potatoes in Belgium alone, which is about 30,000 trucks full of potatoes in a row. These potatoes, they have no market, they have no consumption," said Cools.


In his more than 30 years in the industry, Cools has never seen a surplus like this one and he is worried it might affect future seasons, including one that will start in a few weeks.


"We are finding solutions to prolong the potato season till August, so people who can store potatoes till August, they will store them. Of course, that will affect next season. The question is, will there be enough place to process these potatoes? And how will that also affect the crop of next year?" Cools said.


He has been thinking of ways to increase the consumption of potatoes, one of the main staples of Belgian food, including eating more fries.



Fresh french fries are seen at Mydibel Group factory, a manufacturer of chilled, frozen and dehydrated potato products, amid the coronavirus pandemic,in Moucron, Belgium, April 29, 2020.Yves Herman/Reuters


The idea came to him after a Belgian journalist asked what Belgians can do to help out.


"I just said from the heart, 'you could help us by just buying, and eating, extra time frozen potato products during the coronavirus crisis,'" said Cools.


He says the request is serious due to the impact shutdowns are having on his industry.


"We are not only facing problems for our potato growers, but also our processing industry. They are processing these potatoes, which they promised to take from the farmers, but they have a lack of freezing capacity at this moment," said Cools.


Cools is worried farmers and processors may have to throw away potatoes, but he says they may be able to avoid that scenario with the help of Too Good to Go, an app that sells unsold food that would have become waste.

库尔斯担心农民和加工商可能得把(多余的)土豆扔掉,但他表示在Too Good to Go应用的帮助下,他们也许能避免这一场面。该应用出售本来可能被浪费掉的滞销食物。

"At this moment, we are really working on a campaign with the supermarkets in Belgium to ask consumers to buy extra time frozen potato products," Cools said.


He's also working with the government of the Flemish region of Belgium to give potatoes that would have gone to waste to food banks across the country.





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