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如何区分 especially 和 specially?



副词 “especially” 和 “specially” 从拼写上看只差一个字母 “e”,而且意思相近,使用时常被混淆。“Especially” 指 “格外,尤其”,而 “specially” 表示 “特意地,专门地”。看视频,学习如何正确使用它们。


Hi, everybody! I’m Tom from BBC Learning English. People often confuse the words specially and especially. Today, I'm going to tell you the difference.

Both of these words are adverbs.

Especially means 'in particular' or 'most of all'. For example: I like food, but I especially like sandwiches. This means that I particularly like sandwiches. They're my favourite kind of food.

Specially, however, has a different meaning. Specially means 'for a particular purpose' or 'in a particular way'. So: This sandwich was specially made. Dan made a special sandwich just for me. Thank you, Dan!


“Specially” 和 “especially” 都是副词。

1 “Especially” 的意思是 “特别,尤其”。

I like food, but I especially like sandwiches.
He's often a little late, but he was especially late today.
She looked especially beautiful that night.

2 “Specially” 的意思是 “特别地、特意地”。

This sandwich was specially made.
They had a chair specially designed for her size.
The animals are specially trained to locate the mushrooms.

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