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Try doing 还是 try to do?



动词 “try” 的意思是 “尝试,试图”,它可以分别与 “doing” 和 “to do” 搭配,组成 “try doing something” 和 “try to do something”,这两个说法的意思不同。其中哪一个暗示了 “尝试的结果并不成功”?“一分钟英语” 视频快速讲解两者之间的区别。


Hi, everyone, welcome back to English In A Minute. I'm James and today we're going to look at the verb try.

This verb can sometimes be a little bit difficult because it changes its meaning.

Let's take a look at some examples.

I tried baking a cake.

I tried to bake a cake.

These two sentences are almost exactly the same, but their meaning is quite different.

What's the difference? Let me give you some clues.

I tried baking a cake.

When we use try with an -ing verb, it simply means that you attempted something.

I tried to bake a cake.

So, when you attempt to do something but you are not so successful, you can use try with 'to' and a verb.

When you want to talk about a new experience, use try with an -ing verb.

But if you want to say that your attempt at something wasn't successful, use 'to' and a verb.


1“Try + doing” 用来表达 “尝试以前没做过的事”。

tried baking a cake.

. “Try + to do” 用来表达 “试图做某事,但没有成功”。

tried to bake a cake.

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