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The restoration of Notre Dame 修复巴黎圣母院



The restoration of Notre Dame 修复巴黎圣母院


有关 “reconstruction(重建)” 的词汇


How many oak trees have been pre-selected for the reconstruction?


Beneath its protective cranes, Notre Dame still embodies the horror and heroism that unfolded here two years ago. Since then, workers have been clearing the debris, securing the structure and dismantling the scaffolding that melted in the fire. Forty thousand tubes of it, fused into strange new sculptures. Each mangled piece cut away, one-by-one.

在大型吊车的守护下,巴黎圣母院仍然使人联想起两年前火灾的惨烈和人们的英勇事迹。自那以来,工人们一直在清理废墟、加固结构,并拆除在火灾中熔化的脚手架。四万条脚手架管熔成了奇形怪状的新 “雕塑”。每一条残缺不全的管子都被逐个切了下来。

Now for the first time, thoughts are turning to the reconstruction. A thousand trees have been pre-selected to rebuild the roof, nicknamed 'the forest' for its sheer number of rafters. Some of them more than twenty metres tall to span the vast spaces inside the cathedral.

直到现在,人们才转而开始考虑重建工作。一千棵树被预先挑选出来,用于重建屋顶,屋顶因木椽数量之多而被昵称为 “森林”。其中,一些木椽高达20多米,从而能够横跨在大教堂内部广阔的空间中。

Lucy Williamson, BBC Paris correspondent
This is one of the thousand oak trees that have been specially selected for Notre Dame. Smaller tree trunks will be used to rebuild the medieval rafters. Big ones like this will go to reconstruct the spire.

露西·威廉姆森     BBC驻巴黎通讯员

Each tree is tagged, measured and assigned a place in the reconstruction. This one ­– its trunk almost a metre across – would have sprouted soon after the French Revolution.


Renaud Trangosi, Forest ranger for the National Forests Office
This is the historic oak of our forests. We're proud to see the work we do is meaningful. The forest is eternal but that's not the case for the trees and if they have a second life in the new Notre Dame forest at the top of the cathedral, so much the better.

雷诺·特兰戈西     法国国家林业局护林员

A second life too for these statues of the apostles, taken from the cathedral's spire for routine restoration, days before it collapsed in flames. Their survival, says the workshop's director, helped persuade officials to opt for an identical reconstruction, over a new contemporary design.


Richard Boyer, Head of Socra-Ateliers de France
We took the statues down on the 11th of April 2019. They arrived here the next day, a Friday. The following Monday, the fire broke out, and we immediately understood that what we had in our workshop was some kind of relics. Looking back, it's clear we saved them because they would have been smashed to pieces when the spire fell.

理查德·鲍伊尔     法国 Socra 工作室负责人

There was a time that night when fire crews thought Notre Dame was lost, its survival measured in minutes. Today, it's measured in tree trunks, manpower, scaffolding. The vast reconstruction of a symbol – whose scale, isn't fully grasped through numbers – any more than through words.



dismantling 拆除,拆卸

mangled 残缺不全的,被损坏的

rafters 支撑屋顶的木椽

sprouted 发芽,生长

contemporary 当代的


One thousand oak trees have been selected.



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