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Stephen Hawking’s office 霍金办公室遗物将被公开展出



Stephen Hawking’s office 霍金办公室遗物将被公开展出


有关 “character(性格)” 的词汇


Where will Stephen Hawking’s office be moved to?


He was the world’s most inspiring scientist. His research, photographs and letters are his legacy to the world – and they are to be saved for the nation. His son Tim sees many of them for the first time – including a letter that his father wrote to his dad when he was just six.


Tim Hawking, Son
“Dear Father – once upon a time some pirates were loading some treasure.” I think it shows a sort of tenderness in his relationship with his father. You know, he had a very, sort of, loving relationship with his dad – as I did when I was the age he was when he wrote the letter.

蒂姆·霍金       斯蒂芬·霍金之子
“‘亲爱的父亲,从前,有群海盗在装载一批宝藏。’ 我认为信中流露出了父子间的一种温情。那时,他和他的父亲关系很亲近,正如我在相仿的年纪时和他非常亲近一样。”

Here he is as a student. Motor neurone disease went on to debilitate his body – but not his mind. This is his most important scientific paper on black holes – which have such strong gravity – that not even light can escape. His script from the Simpsons is an important part of the collection.


Dr Jessica Gardner, University Librarian, University of Cambridge
He had an enormous sense of humour. You know, that comes out through interviews that people will have seen through that characterisation, willing to be in the Simpsons, to let a little bit of fun be taken – if what that did was help to communicate about science.

杰西卡·加德纳博士       剑桥大学图书管理员

Pallab Ghosh, BBC Correspondant
The contents of Stephen Hawking’s office will be transferred to the Science Museum in London. Most iconic of all is his wheelchair – a symbol of the physical challenges he faced, and also the strength and determination he had to overcome them.

帕拉布·戈什       BBC通讯员

The eventual aim is to reconstruct his entire office.


Sir Ian Blatchford, Director, Science Museum
There are very few scientific spaces that survive. So actually having Stephen’s office is wonderful because he is extraordinary – but it sends a big, powerful message about the prestige of science as well.

伊恩·布拉奇福德爵士       伦敦科学博物馆馆长

Future generations will now be able to learn about the life and work of a man who inspired us with his brilliance, courage and humanity.


Ron and Jean were married for 56 years, but at the start of the pandemic Jean died of cancer.


tenderness 温情,柔情

debilitate 使虚弱,削弱

willing 愿意,乐意

determination 决心

prestige 声望,威望


His office will be moved to the Science Museum in London.



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