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文化面面观 永远的抒情大师--Johnny Mathis

考考你 趁热打铁


Dreamgirls《追梦女郎》(精讲之六)Marty: Effie White, this is Max Washington.

Effie: Hi, Max. Marty said you needed a singer.

Marty: I was just telling Max that you're serious about working. He knows all about you.

Effie: You do, huh? Daddy, you don't know the half. One night after you hire me, we'll sit down and I'll tell you all about how Iblewthrough half a million dollars in two years!

Marty: Hey, come on.

Effie: Drinking.

Marty: You don't want totake uptoo much of the man's time. Now, Carl knows all the songs.

Effie: Carl? Where's Bernard?

Marty: He has a job in Evanston.

Effie: But I can't sing with someone I don't know.

Marty: Effie. You got to.

Max: Marty, I don't have the time.

Marty: Max, please. Just give me a minute. Now, you listen, Effie White. For four months, I've been your money. I've taken you to every club in this freezing town, and I'm telling you that this is it. It's time that you stop making excuses so that you don't have to prove anything. You're gonna have to start proving it, just like the rest of us. I don't know. Maybe Curtis was right about you. You want all of the privileges but none of the responsibilities. Hey, Max. Thanks anyway, man. Sorry for wasting your time.

Effie: Do you know the song?

Max: I told you I didn't want to see her.

Effie: Well, you are, mister. You are.
Look at me

Jimmy: Sooner or later, the time comes around
For a man to be a man
Take back his sound
I gotta do somethin' toshake things up
I like Johnny Mathis
But I can't do that stuff
Jimmy got soul, Jimmy got soul
Jimmy got S-O-U-L soul!
I can't do rock, I can't do roll
What I can do, baby, is show my soul
Jimmy got soul, Jimmy got soul
Jimmy got, Jimmy got, Jimmy got soul!

Man: Take it out. Ladies and gentlemen, please stay in your seats. We're back live in two minutes.

Jimmy: What'd you think of my show, baby?

Curtis: Youmade a fool out ofyourself.

Jimmy: What are you talking about, man? I was just being Jimmy. Lorrell, will you please tell him, if you can?

Lorrell: Jimmy keeps begging you for something new, but all you do is ignore him. Of course he's confused. It don't take a whiz to know that only a desperate man would drop his pants in living color on network television.

Jimmy: Thanks, Lorrell. You told it like it is.

Lorrell: Yeah, well, that ain't all I got to say to you, sugar.

Curtis: My brother, we're through.

Jimmy: What you talking about? What do you mean, we're through?

Curtis: Come on, Jimmy, your time has passed.


1. Blow

Blow 在口语中可以表示"To spend (money) freely and rashly大手大脚地花钱",例如:He blew a fortune on racing cars.

2. Take up

这里的take up指的是"占用,占有",即可以指"占用时间",也可以指"占用空间",例如:The extra duties took up most of my time.
This desk takes up too much space in the office.

3. Shake up

意思是"Subject to drastic rearrangement or reorganization 把……打散后重新组合",例如:New management was bent on shaking up each division. (新领导集中全力对公司进行整顿。)

此外,shake up 还可以表示"受惊吓",例如:Even though no one was hurt, he was greatly shaken up by the accident.

4. Make a fool out of

这个片语也写作 make a fool of,make an ass or monkey out of,意思是"Cause someone or oneself to look foolish or stupid",例如:John doesn't mind making a fool of himself at parties.

文化面面观 永远的抒情大师--Johnny Mathis

考考你 趁热打铁

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