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China Daily Video News September 4, 2009

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Japan to change its governance style

The Democratic Party of Japan won a landslide victory over the incumbent Liberal Democratic Party in elections on Sunday held for the country’s lower house of Parliament. The DPJ won, observers say, because it promised to rein in Japan’s enormous government bureaucracy, something the LDP was unable to do while in power.

Iran ready for talks with West

The Iranian government has said it wants to resume negotiations with the west over its controversial nuclear program, and has prepared a revised package of proposals for discussion. The US and its European allies, however, have not offered an official response.

Indonesia quake kills over 50

An earthquake shook Indonesia this week, killing at least 50 people. Rescue efforts are underway , but the death toll is expected to rise in the coming days.

Family of former Taiwan leader sentenced

Former Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian’s wife and three of their family members were sentenced to jail time this week after being convicted on corruption charges. Chen himself faces accusations of embezzlement, and a verdict in his case is expected on September 11.

Liu Xiang to return at Shanghai meeting

Liu Xiang, one of China’s highest profile athletes, could return to competition as early as this month at the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix, the event’s organizers said.

The 26-year-old hurdler has not competed since pulling out of the 2008 Beijing Olympics in 2008 after sustaining an injury to his hamstring.

Myanmar residents begin to go home

An estimated 30,000 refugees have fled across the border into southern China’s Yunnan province as a result of fighting between the Myanmar government and an ethnic militia in northern Myanmar. While details remains sketchy, it does appear that some of the refugees have begun to return home.

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Forum to invoke Beijing-Tokyo collaboration

Finally, with the new government elected in Japan, we leave you with a brief look at an upcoming Sino-Japanese conference, which will one of the first opportunities for Chinese leaders and Japan’s new government to meet, communicate, and take each other’s measure.

Senior Chinese and Japanese officials will take part in a forum in November jointly sponsored by the China Daily and Genron NPO, a Japanese think tank similar to the American Council on Foreign Relations, the event’s organizers announced at a recent press conference.

The forum will be the first major meeting between the Chinese government and the newly elected Japanese government, and more than 100 senior Chinese and Japanese political, business, academic, and media leaders will participate.

The conference will focus on Sino-Japanese relations during the global financial crisis. One of the expected topics is how both countries can keep their investments in American bonds safe as the US government spends enormous sums of money to keep its economy afloat.

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China Daily Video News September 4, 2009

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China Daily Video News September 4, 2009

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