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China Daily Video News November 20, 2009

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Barack Obama visits China

US President Barack Obama visited Beijing and Shanghai this week as part of an 8-day trip to Asia. He also stopped in Japan, Singapore and South Korea. In China, in addition to visiting the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, he held a town hall meeting with students in Shanghai and discussed climate change, Iran, North Korea, and currency issues with top Chinese leaders.

Hamid Karzai sworn in

Afghan president Hamid Karzai was sworn into office for a second term on Thursday. But his inauguration came after a disputed election marred by widespread allegations of corruption, which experts say, may have undermined his national legitimacy. In a surprise move, however, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attended the inaugural ceremony.

Millions of hacking attacks on MOD site

Hackers launched more than 2.3 million attacks against the Chinese Ministry of Defense’s new website in its first month online, but, the Ministry said, all of the attacks were repelled. The site has been viewed by more than 1 billion people since its first launch, according to its Editor in Chief, and 40% of its international visitors came from the United States.

CCTV ad slots are snapped up

The global economic crisis seems to have missed CCTV’s advertising office: the state sponsored television network raised just under 11 billion yuan as companies competed for access to its 73 million daily viewers and primetime advertising slots.

San Diego Zoo Panda Cub Named

On a happier note, a 14-week old Giant Panda cub living at the San Diego Zoo has officially been named Yun Zi. The name, selected from over 6,300 recommendations solicited from the public, means son of the clouds. In addition to Yun Zi, the San Diego Zoo has three other giant pandas, giving it the most in the United States.

Cold Weather causes power outages

Unusually cold weather has led to power outages and a shortage of natural gas in eastern China, as more energy is used to keep homes and offices warm. Weather experts forecast that temperatures in southern and western China will continue to drop over the next three days, which could further intensify the problem.

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China Daily Video News November 20, 2009

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China Daily Video News November 20, 2009

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