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The Week Feb. 5, 2010

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Confucius: That’s showbiz!

The face of ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius is now on lottery tickets in Shandong province. This has critics saying maybe the legend wouldn’t like it. Lottery center officials were quick to reject accusations that they were using Confucius to promote the sale of lottery tickets. But then, his face has been plastered all over posters to promote his latest movie in big cities. Would Confucius say: Hey, That’s Just Show Biz?

Ex-spouses battle it out for Oscar

Nobody likes to get in the middle of a fight between a divorced couple. But that’s what it’s going to happen on Oscar Night, when two ex-spouses are up for the same Academy Award: Best Picture. So let’s put on our boxing gloves and go to the ring. In Corner No. 1, it’s James Cameron, with Avatar. Punch: His movie has made the most money ever! Punch, Punch: He is also the man who brought to the world Titanic. So and the Corner No. 2, that’s Kathryn Bigelow with The Hurt Locker . Punch: Her movie has already won the Directors Guild of America Award. And they say the winners of that award mostly go on to win the Best Picture Oscar. Punch, Punch: plus, She’s already defeated James Cameron. After all -- Punch, Punch --she divorced him. Get your ringside seats for Academy Awards Night, coming up March 7th.

“No, I don’t.”

In the big city, it’s not always about the big wedding. In fact, there is a new tradition, it’s called “naked marriage” for people who cannot afford that big apartment or that big house. So when couples say “I do.” Make that “I don’t.” As in, I don’t have an apartment, I don’t have a car, I won’t have a big ceremony, and I don’t have a diamond ring. Of course, when polled, 80 percent of men said that’s a great idea. About 70 percent of the women said it’s a really bad idea.


Speaking of weddings, there are those who say that this year would be “the year of the widow.” That’s because the “Spring Commence” day was on Feb 4, before the start of the Spring Festival. That means if you get married after the Spring Festival, your husband could die. Or your marriage could fall apart. Or your mother is really in a hurry to get you married.

The show must go on

Organizers say the show must go on. But some people are getting a little suspicious. The International Show of Peace is scheduled April 17th at the Bird’s Nest. In fact, they had a big press conference in Beijing this month. However some of the stars look questionable. Lady Gaga, for example, is supposed to be in the show. But she’s scheduled to be in Japan on the very same day. Are the Black Eyed Peas gonna make it? Nobody can say for sure. Stay tuned ….

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The Week Feb. 5, 2010

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The Week Feb. 5, 2010

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