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Bridge to Terabithia《仙境之桥》精讲之六

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Leslie: Hey, Mom.

Leslie's mother: Hey, Leslie, come on.

Leslie's father: All right, let's go. We're on a mission.

Leslie: Hey, this is my friend, Jess. Can he help?

Leslie's mother: So, you're the infamous Jess. Hi, I'm Judy. Leslie tells me you're good with a paint brush. Why don't you grab one and get going? Come on! I am determined to have this wall finished so when the late sun hits it, we can watch it catch fire.

Leslie's father: Now, that's one steady hand, Jess. That's an artist's hand. Am I right?

Jess: Yeah.

Leslie's father: You know, the best prize that life offers, is the chance to work hard at work worth doing. Teddy Roosevelt said that, not me. (Work done) Wow.

Leslie's mother: What did I tell you? Was it worth it?


Jess: Hey, guys.

Jess's mother: Jess, get started on your homework, OK?

Jess's father: I'm going to manage the store on weekends, starting in a couple of weeks. I need you to pick up on some chores around here.

Jess: You know, the best prize that life can offer is working hard at work worth doing.

Bridge to Terabithia《仙境之桥》精讲之六

Ms. Edmunds: Hey, have you taken art classes?

Jess: No, I...I just made them up myself.

Ms. Edmunds: You're really talented. Jess, don't let those other kids get in your way.

Jess: Oh, here you go.

Ms. Edmunds: Thank you.


Leslie: I just went to use the girl's room. Someone's in a stall, crying their eyes out, and I think it's Janice Avery.

Jess: Can't be that trick we played on her, can it?

Leslie: No way. But come here.

[Indistinct whispering]

[Janice sobbing]

Girl: Free to pee!

Janice: Get out of here!

[Girl screams]

Janice: Get out of here, now!


[Janice continues sobbing]

Jess: You should go talk to her.

Leslie: You kidding?

Jess: That’s not "skinned knee crying", that’s crying about something serious. Besides, it's the girls' bathroom, I can't go in there.

Leslie: I don't wanna go in there alone.

Jess: What's the matter? A girl who can stand up to a giant troll is afraid of some dumb eighth grader?

[Leslie exhales deeply]

(Class singing)

Leslie: Sorry.

Jess: Go on, tell me.

Leslie: No, I don't wanna tell you.

Jess: Why not?

Leslie: I'll tell you there.

[Indistinct chatter]

Leslie: Her dad gets really mad at her.

Jess: So? My dad gets mad at me...pretty much all the time.

Leslie: He hits her.

Jess: Oh.

Leslie: Some neighbor heard them yelling so loud, they called the police. And it got out. And all the seventh and the eighth graders know about it.

Jess: Whoa.

Leslie: Which explains, like, a lot.

Jess: Well, what did you say to her?

Leslie: Well, I told her about not having a TV and everyone laughing at me. I know what it's like to have everyone think I was weird.

Jess: Then what'd she say?

Leslie: She asked me for advice.

Jess: Janice Avery asked you for advice?

Leslie: Yeah.

Jess: And?

Leslie: Well, I told her just to pretend that she had no idea what anyone was talking about, and in a few weeks' time, everybody would just forget about it.


Jess: Man...

Leslie: Then I gave her a piece of gum.

Jess: We should go.

Leslie: Yeah. Wanna come back tomorrow?

Jess: I can't. I got chores.

Leslie: How about the next day?

Jess: Sunday we go to church.

Leslie: Can I come?

Jess: You'd hate it.

Leslie: No, I think it'd be cool.

Jess: Uh, girls can't wear pants.

Leslie: I've got dresses, Jess.

Jess: You in a dress? That'd be a sight! See ya!

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. on a mission: 执行任务。mission在这里是“任务,使命”的意思。例如:carry out secret missions(执行秘密任务)。

2. infamous: 声名狼藉的。影片中Leslie的妈妈显然是在开玩笑,意思是经常听Leslie提到Jess。infamous在口语中也可以表示“差劲的,蹩脚的”,例如:an infamous dinner(质量糟糕的饭菜)。

3. be good with a paint brush: 擅长画画。

4. get going: 开展,开始行动。get going还可以表示“出发”,例如:We'd better get going so we won't be late.(我们最好出发否则会迟到。)

5. get in one's way: 挡了某人的去路。影片中老师鼓励Jess,让他不要因为同学的嘲笑而自卑,要相信自己的才华。

6. cry one's eyes out: 痛哭流涕,哭得很伤心。看一下例子:Louisa broke up with her boyfriend, that's why she cries her eyes out.(路易莎和男友分手了,所以她哭得这么伤心。)



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