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Ben: Hi.

Sharon: Hi, Ben.

Ben: You're not working tonight?

Sharon: No, I swapped two hours this week. Is that a pickle sandwich?

Ben: Oh, ah, yeah.

Sharon: Could I have a bite? I'm starving. Mmm. Thanks. What?

Ben: You got some there.

Sharon: Mmm.

Ben: There. Let me.

Sharon: Thanks.

Ben: I wanted to freeze time. I wanted to savor that moment. To live in that moment for a week. But I couldn't stop it. Only slow it. And before I knew it, she was gone. After the door closed, I felt like the last person on earth.


Ben: What are you doing?

Matt: Jenkins wanted us to go and fill the shelves.

Barry: So here we are.

Matt: Iiiieeee.

Barry: Take no notice of him. He's love struck. He asked Sharon out today.

Ben: You did? What did she say?

Barry: She said "yes." He's taking her to the pictures tomorrow night.

Matt: Then it's back to mine. I'll need about half an hour to talk away your face.

Ben: Crush. It's funny how the same word for the feeling of attraction can be used for the feeling of disappointment. The Oxford English dictionary states one of the meanings for the word crushed as "a strong and unreasoning, but transitory attachment." I had three crushes when I was young. The first was an athlete called Zola Budd. She was 18, and looked like a tomboy with a small, slender frame. But it was the fact that Zola Budd defiantly ran barefoot that made her so completely attractive for me. It was the Los Angeles Olympics that would go down in history. In the 3,000 meter race, Zola Budd clashed with the American, Mary Decker. Budd's heart for the race was left where Decker fell. Zola finished seventh.

Ben’s mother: Ben, it's time for bed now. You've got school tomorrow.

TV: Well, well. What an upset.

Mrs. Booth: Can somebody tell me something about the white blood cells? Tim?

Tim: Uh, they help fight off bacteria and germs in the body.

Mrs. Booth: Very well done. Types...Of cells.

Ben: The second crush was for my biology teacher, Mrs. Booth.

Mrs. Booth: Okay, class, who can tell me something about cells?

Ben: She was a confident woman whose figure-hugging outfits hinted at the sexiness that lay hidden beneath. I imagined Mrs. Booth asking me to stay behind after school and showing me the same thing under her skirt as the girls I'd seen in the magazines with Sean. But the main crush I had was with a girl called Tanya Green. When I looked at Tanya, I didn't just see her, I felt her.

Mrs. Booth: The white blood cells and red blood cells work together...

Ben: The next day, Tanya caused a lot of excitement in the class. Tanya had broken her arm falling from a swing, and her cast had caused much excitement amongst the other kids at the school.

Teacher: Settle down now, please, class. That's enough.

Ben: But I saw it differently. It was the way Tanya dealt with it. The way she scratched an itch. The way it restricted her movements. The increasing amount of graffiti that appeared on it during its six-week life span.

Tanya: Would you like to sign it? Just here. Thanks.

(Tanya was taunted by classmates)

Tanya: Go away! Stop it!

Ben: On the day the cast finally came off, Tanya's arm was covered in hair.

Boys: Go on back to the jungle!

Ben: The six weeks without light had caused the hair to grow thick and black. But while the other kids joked and called her "monkey," it only heightened my fascination for her.

Little Ben: Don't cry. You don't have to worry about them. I think you're beautiful the way you are. Will you be my girlfriend?

Tanya: Yes.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. swap: 以……作交换。例如:swap places with sb.(与某人换位子);swap views with other people(与他人交换看法)。


I liked her coat and she liked mine, so we swapped.


2. savor: 品味。例如:savor one's success(回味自己的成就)。savor也常用来表示“品尝,细嗅”,例如:We ate the stewed beef slowly, savoring it.(我们慢慢咀嚼炖牛肉,细品慢尝。)

3. Take no notice of him: 别理会他。take notice of是“关注,理会”的意思。看一下例子:Don't take any notice of others' comments.(不要理会别人的议论。)

4. love struck: 坠入爱河。

5. take sb. to the pictures: 带某人去看电影。

6. attachment: 爱慕。请看例子:She formed a strong attachment for him.(她对他产生了热烈的爱慕之情。)

7. tomboy: 假小子,男孩子气的女孩。看一下例子:Mary has always been a tomboy. She likes hiking and horseback riding.(玛丽一直很男子气,她喜欢远足和骑马。)

8. fight off: 击退。请看例子:He fought off the cold by wearing warmer clothes.(他衣服穿得暖和了些,以此治愈感冒。)

9. figure-hugging: 紧身的。

10. graffiti: 涂画,涂鸦。



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