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Ben: It was now my fourth straight week without sleep. I had slowly stopped thinking about Suzy and had dragged myself into the present. The extra eight hours of my life had done nothing to slow the effect of time. The minutes flew into hours, the hours into days. And the days joined the fast rushing river of time. The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you're the pilot. Most of my shifts were now spent thinking about Sharon. I drew her endlessly. Over and over. Her pale, milky skin. Her delicate frame. In her eyes, I could see the world. I thought about Sharon escaping the life-sapping neons of the supermarket, traveling to South America, pursuing her dreams. I thought about her asking me to go with her. Both sharing in our dreams. Her love of people, and my love of painting them.

Ben: You off home?

Sharon: Yeah. You still wanna be my date for the party tomorrow night then?

Ben: Yeah, of course.

Sharon: Will you come by and pick me up?

Ben: Yeah.

Sharon: 8:00?

Ben: Yeah, 8:00.

Sharon: Okay. See you tomorrow.

Ben: Sharon had broken the spell. For the first time in weeks, I slept. I slept right through to the following afternoon. Mmm. Yeah?

Man: There's a call for you, Ben.

Ben: Hello?

Matt(faking): Hello, is this Ben Willis?

Ben: Yeah.

Matt(faking): My name is Alex Prout, from the Prout gallery. I saw some examples of your work at the university yesterday.

Ben: Y-you did?

Matt(faking): Yes. And I'd be very interested in putting on a show of your latest works. Hello?

Ben: Um, ah, yeah, yeah. I would love to.

Matt(faking): Great. Why don't you bring some more examples of your work down to my gallery next Monday? Say 10:00?

Ben: Okay. Thank you.

Matt(faking): No. Thank you, Ben! (To Barry) Bugger off. You're the talent.

Barry: Better get ready for the party.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. straight: 连续的;不间断的。影片中Ben已经连续四个星期没有睡觉了。看一下例子:It has snowed for three straight days. (已连续下了三天雪了。)

2. life-sapping: 消耗生命能量的。sap的意思是“使伤元气,消耗(精力等)”。看一下例子:Everyone was sapped of strength by the sun's heat.(太阳晒得大家精疲力尽。)

3. break the spell: 打破了魔咒。spell在这里是“魔咒,咒语”的意思。例如:speak the spell over sb.(对某人念咒语)。

spell还可以表示“魔力,魅力,诱惑力,吸引力”。例如:The prince fell under the spell of her beauty.(王子被她的美貌所迷住。)

我们可以用under a spell来表示某人“被迷住”。看一下例子:

The explorer's story held the children under a spell.


4. bugger off: <粗> 走开,出去。例如:tell sb. to bugger off(叫某人走开)。bugger一词有“麻烦(或讨厌)的事(或人)”的意思。在这里介绍其他几个和bugger相关的短语:

bugger about/around: <粗> 难为某人;故意浪费某人的时间。例如:Stop buggering me about!(别跟我过不去了!)

bugger me: (用于表示吃惊或惊奇)天哪!

bugger up: <粗> 使混乱,弄糟,搞坏。例如:The town is being buggered up by the invasion of tourists.(这个小城因游客大批涌到而弄得乱糟糟的。)

文化面面观:画廊 Art gallery


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