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Valentine's Day《情人节》精讲之一

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Morley: Hi.

Reed: Okay. When I was a kid, most of the advice that my dad gave me was crap. There's one thing that he said that was pure genius. He said, "If you ever are with a girl...that's too good for you...marry her." So...

Morley: Wow. Really?

Reed: Happy Valentine's Day.

Morley: Happy Valentine's Day.

Reed: She said yes! Julia, call me as soon as you get this. I got big news. Big news. She said yes.

Alphonso: You're kidding.

Reed: What?

Alphonso: I mean, you're kidding!

Reed: You thought she'd say no.

Alphonso: Man, come on. You know me...always preparing for the worst. Immigrant mentality. Forget it. She said yes. This is good news.

Reed: Yeah, and get this: I don't even have to play it cool today. I can be a sappy cheeseball all day, mooning about love to total strangers, and no one'll think I'm a moron. Because it's Valentine's Day, huh? And everyone is romantic on Valentine's Day.

Man driving a car: Get your head out of your ass and use your damn turn signal, you freaking moron.

Newscaster: Good morning, Los Angeles. I'm Sherry Donaldson with the KVLA news team. And now let's check the weather.

Weather forecaster: Good morning. Sun shines on late morning, and look at these numbers. Highs in the upper valleys in the 60s, and a bit cloudy by the coast...until mid-morning, when the marine layer burns off.

Kelvin: Susan, what the hell is this?

Susan: The boss thinks it's gonna up the ratings.

Weather forecaster: And we're clear.

Kelvin: I’m not talking about Pippi Longstocking, I'm talking about this. I'm a sports journalist, I don't do lifestyle pieces.

Susan: You're my number 2 sports journalist, Kelvin, which means that on slow sports days, you do the pieces I want you to do. The station wants more fluff.

Kelvin: Look, I'll do some follow-up stories, do some investigative reporting...bring it back to you?

Susan: There's only one story today, Kelvin. It's all yours. It's not complicated. It's your basic man on the street. "Tell me, John Q, Jane Q, what does Valentine's Day mean to you?"

Kelvin: It gives me acid reflux. That's what it means to me. I mean, we spend a lot of money. Nobody cares. It's not even a real holiday. We don't take the day off. Come on, Susan.

Director: And we're coming back in 5, 4, 3...

Kelvin: Listen, I'm a player, but I shut down my player-ness from New Year's to Saint Paddy's Day just so I can avoid this day.

Susan: I need happy, I need romantic, I need love, and I need it from you.

Kelvin: You need Jesus.

Susan: Go. Go away now.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. crap: 胡扯,废话;大话;假话。例如:Don't give me any crap about moral responsibility.(别跟我瞎扯什么道义责任。)crap也可以表示“废物,垃圾;蹩脚货;讨厌的事情”,例如:Can we go to lunch when this crap is finished?(等这讨厌事情做完我们可以去吃中饭了吧?)

2. immigrant mentality: 移民心态。mentality的意思是“心理状态”,例如:the try-your-luck mentality(侥幸心)。mentality也可以表示“智力,智能”,例如:a boy of average mentality(智力平常的男孩)。

3. play it cool: 抑制住感情,装出冷静的样子。

4. sappy: 多愁善感得愚蠢的。

5. mooning about: 痴痴地想。moon over sb.的意思是“痴痴地思念(所爱的人)”。看一下例子:She was always mooning over that bloke.(她老是精神恍惚地想念那小子。)

6. moron: 傻瓜。

7. turn signal: 转弯指示灯。

8. ratings: (电视节目)收视率。

9. fluff: 没多大意义的娱乐节目。例如:The TV show is nothing but fluff.(那个电视节目只不过是毫无意思的玩意儿。)

10. follow-up: (对已发表过的报道的)后续报道。

11. acid reflux: 胃酸倒流。



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