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Extraordinary Measures《良医妙药》精讲之四

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John Crowley: Dr. Renzler, be reasonable. The company is only 6 months old, and we are making great progress towards in vivo testing.

Dr. Renzler: I don't know. The way the company is burning money...

John Crowley: Well, we've got to get a leg up on the competition. You know that Zymagen has far more spending power than we do.

Dr. Renzler: So, what you're saying, I should have invested in Zymagen.

John Crowley: No, what I'm saying is, is that we've got to beat 'em to the punch. Either that, or scare them into buying us out.

Dr. Renzler: Well, you're scaring us investors a hell of a lot more than you're scaring Zymagen. You sell the company to Zymagen, you're in clinical trials by the end of the fiscal year, or we pull the plug and cut our losses. Goodbye.

John Crowley: Hello?

Dr. Stonehill: This construct's looking pretty good, but we gotta get better cleavage between the alpha and the beta subunits.

Colleague: Well, what if we add a furin site like the one in uncovering enzyme?

Dr. Stonehill:... Why would you wanna do that? Doesn't it have its own...

John Crowley: We need to talk.

Dr. Stonehill: I'm busy.

John Crowley: You're always busy.

Dr. Stonehill: You always wanna talk. Yeah, we could add furin and try and cleave it before purification. What are you doing? Guys, would you excuse us for a minute?

John Crowley: Giving you a preview... of what's going to happen if we are not in clinical trials in 4 months. Our investors will turn out the lights.

Dr. Stonehill: Science takes time, Jersey. Don't they understand?

John Crowley: Yeah, they do. They can read the Wall Street Journal. They see that Zymagen is testing 3 different Pompe drugs.

Dr. Stonehill: They're testing 3 'cause they don't know what the hell they're doing. I'm testing one 'cause it's the right one!

John Crowley: I know. I believe you, Bob. Why else do you think I put up with all your shit? Look. I want you to go toe-to-toe with Zymagen's scientists. Prove to them that your enzyme is best.

Dr. Stonehill: I can do that.

John Crowley: That's the reason I've entered into conversations with them to buy our company.

Dr. Stonehill: You're telling me? You're not asking me?

John Crowley: Come on, Bob. I am just being fiscally responsible.

Dr. Stonehill: Nobody is gonna tell me how to run my lab!

John Crowley: If I can engineer a deal, and that is a really big "if," you're going to have to forgive me for all the money I'm gonna make you.

Dr. Stonehill: I don't care about money. I'm a scientist. I care about more important things than that.

John Crowley: Don't you tell me about more important things to care about. Do the math. Either we sell the company and get a huge cash infusion, or the investors will shut us down. Where you going?

Dr. Stonehill: I'm gonna go take a crap, if that meets with your fiscal approval.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. in vivo: 在活的有机体内。这里的in vivo testing就是指“体内测试”。

2. beat someone to the punch: 抢先下手,抢在前面。这里约翰的意思是“我是说我们一定会打败他们”。

例如:a marketing team that beat all the competitors to the punch.(某销售组织先于其竞争者做出了重大行动)

上下班“打卡”就可以用punch the clock来表示。

3. buy out: 买断…的股份;买下…的全部股权。也可以指付给补偿金,付遣散费(为使某人提前退役、离职等)。

例如:Our competitors must be worried by our new product because they offered to buy us out.(我们的对手一定在为我们的新产品而忧虑,因为他们提出要买下我们的全部产权。)

4. clinical trial: 临床试验。

5. fiscal year: 财政年度。

6. pull the plug: 拔掉电源。

pull the plug on someone/something则用来指“阻止;制止;终止”,例如:Executives can also quickly pull the plug on a reality show if it falters, and then finance another.(如果一出“真人秀”收视率不稳,经理们可以激流勇退,转而投资下一个节目。)

7. go toe-to-toe with: 合作。

例如:Japan and Deutschland are global drivers of industrial innovation and can go toe-to-toe with each other in this sphere.(日本和德国都是全球产业创新的先驱,双方可以在这一领域进行紧密的合作。)

8. do the math: 你好好算算。

9. cash infusion: 资金注入。



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