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Winter's Bone《冬天的骨头》精讲之三

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Milton: Ree, get out here! Do you know there's people going around saying you best shut up? People you ought to listen to. Get your ass in the truck.

Ree: Don't touch me.

Milton: Get your ass in the truck.

Ree: Get off!

Milton: Get in the truck.

Sonny: Hey!

Milton: Would you rather I hit you, boy?

Ree: Sonny, get back in the house. Cook them taters till they're brown, then turn the stove off.

Sonny: Don't hurt my sister.

Ree: Sonny!

Milton: Having balls is good, boy. Don't let 'em get you hurt.

Ree: Sonny, get in the house.

Milton: Get your dumb ass in the truck.

Ree: I'm not getting in there with you.

Milton: Get in the truck. There's something you need to see. Jessup and me may have had our tussles, but he was my cousin. It's always a bad deal when these things blow.

Ree: Where are we going?

Milton: Down the road.

Ree: Down the road to where?

Milton: To someplace you need to see. This right here is the last place me or anybody seen Jessup.

Ree: He never blew no lab before.

Milton: I know it, but something must have jumped wrong this time.

Ree: He's known for never fucking up labs or cooking bad batches. He's known for knowing what he's doing.

Milton: Well, you cook long enough, this is bound to happen.

Ree: You're saying Dad's up there burnt to a crisp?

Milton: That's what I'm saying.

Ree: I'm going up for a look.

Milton: No! That shit's poison. It'll rip the skin off your bones.

Ree: If Dad's up there, I'm bringing him home to bury.

Milton: Ree! Ree, I know losing Jessup leaves you all hurting over there. I know it's a lot to handle.

Ree: We'll make do.

Milton: Sonya and me talked about it. We feel we could take Sonny off your hands. Not Ashlee, I don't reckon, but we could take Sonny.

Ree: You what?

Milton: We could take him and raise him up the rest of the way.

Ree: My ass you will.

Milton: We'd raise that boy way better than you and that nut-job mama of yours can. Maybe on down the line we'd take Ashlee, too.

Ree: You go straight to hell, you son of a bitch. Sonny and Ashlee will die living in a cave with me and Mama before they spend one night with you. God damn you. You must think I'm a stupid idiot. There's weeds growing chin high in that place. It must have been a year since that place blew.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. tater: 土豆;马铃薯;洋芋。

2. balls: <粗>勇气,胆量。看一下例子:I didn't think he'd have the balls to say that.(我不认为他会有胆量那么说。)

3. make do: 凑合着对付过去;将就;勉强应付。看一下例子:make do with biscuits for lunch(吃饼干权当中饭)。又如:He could make one shirt do for one week.(一件衬衫他能凑合着穿上一星期。)

4. take somebody/something off one's hands: 帮某人除去……负担。影片中蕾的表叔提出要收养Sonny,这样蕾就可以少养活一个人。因为Sonny是男孩,他们觉得会比较有用。

5. down the line: 以后,过一段日子。down the line也可以表示“彻底地”。例如:I'll support her down the line on that issue.(在那个问题上我将全力支持她。)

6. chin high: 高度可以碰到下巴。



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