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Winter's Bone《冬天的骨头》精讲之四

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April: You know me and Jessup quit keeping company a good while ago.

Ree: I figured. I thought you might still know a thing or two.

April: I'm kind of afraid I might. I wish I could kick back for this one, Ree.

Ree: You still bad on the bottle?

April: No. No, I give that up. A couple months ago, Jessup and me run across each other by total accident. He got me to laughing so. Things rekindled for a day or two. Then he was gone again. About, maybe, three or four weeks back, I'd stopped at Cruikshank's, and he was in there with three fellows I didn't know, and they didn't look to be having no fun, either.

Ree: Did Dad say anything?

April: He looked square at me but acted like he didn't know me, like he'd never seen me before. Something real wrong was going on. I'm sorry.


Winter's Bone《冬天的骨头》精讲之四

Ree: If you stay really still and quiet...it'll come out. (Sonny sneezes) Bless you.

Sonny: How long do we have to wait for a squirrel?

Ree: A long time, usually.

Sonny: Wish we could get deer.

Ree: It's not time for deer.

Sonny: When is it?

Ree: In the morning or at night. You know that.

Ashlee: Do you see one?

Ree: Mmm.

Ashlee: I do.

Ree: Where?

Ashlee: There.

Ree: Ah. You want to help me pull the trigger? All right, put your finger right there. All right, you guys want these fried or stewed?

Sonny: Fried.

Ashlee: Fried.

Ree: Fried? All right. Hey.

Gail: Hey.

Ree: All right. Now, get your fingers in there. I'll get mine in. 1, 2, 3. Pull. Pull hard. Now, I'm just gonna slit it down here. Now, get in there and get them guts out.

Sonny: I don't want to.

Ree: Sonny, there's a bunch of stuff that you're gonna have to get over being scared of.

Sonny: I'm not scared. I just don't want to.

Ree: Come on. Put your fingers in there. Good.

Sonny: Do we eat these parts?

Ree: Not yet.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. keep company: 做伴。keep somebody company是“与某人做伴,陪伴某人”。例如:He stayed at home to keep his wife company.(他留在家里陪伴太太。)

2. a good while: 相当长的时间,好长时间。请看例子:He was stumped by the questions and remained tongue-tied for a good while.(他被问得张口结舌,半天说不出话来。)

3. kick back: <美口>放松。看一下例子:I really need to kick back during the holiday season.(我假期时真的需要好好放松一下。)

4. bad on the bottle: 酗酒。

5. run across: 偶然遇到。例如:I ran across an old friend last week.(上星期我偶然遇到一位老朋友。)

6. rekindle: 重新点燃。这里指的是旧情复燃。

7. square: 正对着地;径直地;面对面地。看一下例子:I ran square into a tall guy.(我与一个高个子撞个正着。)

8. Bless you: 多保重(别人打喷嚏时说的话)。

9. stew: 炖;煨。stew还可以表示“思考;担忧”,例如:She was so stewed up with anxiety that she couldn't sleep.(她焦急万分,觉也睡不着。)

10. slit: 在……上开狭长口子;切开;划破。



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