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The Week


Classical piece will ring in ears of winnerstetle

2008-08-06 07:37
The classic Chinese tune of Molihua, played on ancient metal bells and modern jade chimes, has been chosen as the theme score for the Olympic medal ceremonies.

Olympic Games has brought huge change to Beijing

2008-08-07 10:27
Many people said that seven years were too long for those who really want to be the audiences of the Olympic Games, however, for those who will hold the Olympic Games were too short.

Cultural events highlight Beijing Olympics

2008-08-06 10:44
Much like Hollywood's red carpet, cultural events throughout the squares of Beijing in celebration of the Olympics, rolled out on August the 1st.

Week in review August 1

2008-08-01 16:36

Midweek Round-Up July 30

2008-07-30 17:29

Week in Review 25 July

2008-07-25 18:41

Midweek Round-up July 23

2008-07-23 18:02

Hao Xiaoshi the artist

2008-07-21 11:42

Midweek Round-up July 16

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A Shadow Puppet family

2008-07-11 15:14

Midweek Round-up July 9

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Hairy Monkey

2008-07-09 17:37

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