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The Week


THE WEEK April 19: You are beautiful

2013-04-19 17:16
Their new campaign sets out to tell you one thing: "You're more beautiful than you think." And the video they released on the Internet was spectacular and quite uplifting.

THE WEEK April 12: Call him an egg head

2013-04-12 17:14
A young man in the US broke an unusual world record this week. In one minute, the kid cracked 142 eggs using only his head.

March 29: Say what?!

2013-04-01 09:01
America's biggest and most popular collegiate basketball tournament is underway. It's called March Madness.

南非大使专访: Closer ties with China

2013-03-25 15:38
For China and South Africa, 2013 marks the 15th anniversary of the two countries' diplomatic relations.

THE WEEK March 22: Rodman's trip to DPRK

2013-03-25 08:56
Arguably the most extravagant player in NBA history has a new friend: the 28-year-old leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un.

THE WEEK March 15: Nap your way to health

2013-03-15 17:24
If you are stressed out at work, you should consider beginning to take naps.

大使眼中的半边天 Diplomats on women's roles

2013-03-08 10:44


2013-03-08 10:24


2013-03-08 10:24


2013-03-08 10:24


2013-03-08 10:24


2013-03-08 10:24


2013-03-08 10:24


2013-03-08 10:24


2013-03-08 10:24

Voice & Votes: March 5

2013-03-06 11:20
In this episode, we take an in-depth look at China's annual government work report.

Fu withholds China's defense budget

2013-03-06 09:53
NPC Spokesperson Fu Ying did not release China's defense budget for 2013 at a press conference on the eve of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC) in Beijing.

China's parliament starts annual session

2013-03-06 08:51
The 12th National People's Congress (NPC), China's parliamentary body, opened its first annual session Tuesday morning at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

THE WEEK Feb 22: Meteor slams Russia

2013-02-25 09:47
A giant fireball from space crashed in Russia. Late last week, a meteor entered Earth's atmosphere at a rate of 30 kilometers per second.

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