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THE WEEK April 12: Call him an egg head

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Race of the ages

What will you be doing when you're in your 90s? Do you have your answer? I bet it's not what these two 90-somethings did in Spain last week. At a track event in San Sebastian, two men born in 1918 - one who was 94 years old and the other 95 - took to the race track to compete in the 100-meter dash. And it was much more intense than you might think.

Call him an egg head

A young man in the US broke an unusual world record this week. In one minute, the kid cracked 142 eggs using only his head, beating the record by more than ten eggs. Talk about a waste of eggs! And the crowd is going nuts. There's no way people can feel that emotional about a kid cracking eggs with his head. Sometimes it's shocking to see what some people will do when they are on camera. So where does the motivation to attempt such a challenge come from?

Company offers extreme thrill

Are you getting the excitement you need out of life? If not, here are some suggestions: Go skydiving; take an exotic vacation; learn a new skill. But if those don't give you your fix of thrill, consider this: extreme kidnapping. A company in the US city of Detroit allows people to design, plan and become a victim in your very own kidnapping.

This wacky world!

The Cookie Monster was arrested in New York City after he pushed a 2-year-old boy. Turns out he also runs an illegal porn website in Cambodia.

FEMEN and PETA are two organizations that have used to nudity to spread their messages. Vladimir Putin showed us this week why that may be a distracting method. (He was photographed giving two thumbs up to a woman protesting topless.)

Doctors in China removed a swamp eel from a man's body after he put it into his rear end and it chewed through his body parts.

Our furry friends in China are feeling a bit fancy. Photos of dogs wearing pantyhose have become the latest and most popular Internet trend in the country.

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