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THE WEEK Dec 12: Keep calm and jingle

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Hello and welcome to another titillating episode of The Week! All puns intended. This week we bring weird stories from abroad, because it doesn't seem like anything too funny happened in China.

Jingle boobs

American model Sara X Mills, best known for showing off her tattooed body and being able to…Boob twerk is in the news again. Mills showed off her body moving skills by moving her breasts in tune to the Jingles Bells song. She has done this before to Mozart! Her abilities almost make her a female version of American movie star Terry Crews.


Sir Paul McCartney, the former Beatle, is back with a new song. This time his song's kind of weird, well then again all his songs are weird. His new song, "Hope for the future" has a super weird video, it's him as a hologram inside a video game! The video almost feels lazy, but tying onto holograms, holographic performers are all the rage these days from Hatsune Miku to the reanimated Tupac and Michael Jackson.

4 dollar surcharge

Harvard professor and all around savvy business man Ben Edelman made headlines this week after filing complaints against a Boston Area mom and pop restaurant. The professor made a huge stink after he found out he was over charged for his food, but in reality he just didn’t call the restaurant to confirm the outdated menu prices he found its website. So, for four dollars, the man has filed a grievance with the authorities. Funny thing is, he said the food was delicious.

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