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THE WEEK March 22: Rodman's trip to DPRK

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Rodman's trip to DPRK

Arguably the most extravagant player in NBA history has a new friend: the 28-year-old leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. Dennis Rodman, a former teammate of Michael Jordan during the Chicago Bulls' most dominant years, became somewhat of an outcast of the league due to his crazy behavior and style. But on a trip with Vice Media to North Korea with the Harlem Globetrotters for what some have called an attempt at "basketball diplomacy", Rodman found friendship in the country's young leader. He spoke about his experience on national television in the US.

Chinese fans grab Phelps' balls

Michael Phelps, 22-time Olympic swimming medalist, was in China recently to film The Haney Project. The show follows the legendary swimmer while he attempts to perfect his golf game. But the fans at China's Mission Hills golf course were overly anxious to get a cool souvenir. They were stealing his balls right off the course - even straight from the fairway. Despite his frustration, Phelps handled the situation pretty well. #TIC #ThisIsChina

Women's Day coverage FAIL!

We're not perfect here at The Week. But we still like to take some time to make fun of the failures of other media organizations. A news station in the northeastern United States, FOX-CT, tried to honor women's accomplishments and contributions to society to celebrate Women's Day in early March. What the station ended up with was a disrespectful, miserably failed attempt.

This wacky world!

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in rehab. Before she went, she tried to get her last fix of booze and partying at a night club.

A member of a renowned beard club has once again shocked us with his creativity. He's got a Spiderman-themed beard. His best, though, may have been the beer holder - also known as "the beerd".

The latest trend in medicine in one Indian state comes from distilled cow urine. Doctors from the area said it can help treat more than 100 different illnesses.

A woman from the US made a portrait of the former pope using more than 17,000 condoms to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

A judge in the US banned a man from saying the word "bingo" for six months after he was arrested for barging into a game for seniors and started yelling the word. If he says it, he could face jail time and a fine.

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