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March 29: Say what?!

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Basketball madness in USA

America's biggest and most popular collegiate basketball tournament is underway. It's called March Madness - and for good reason. According to a recent report, American workers watch 8.4 million hours of March Madness games each year. Why are Americans are so obsessed? College athletes have crazy amounts of passion. One loss in the tournament sends a team home for the year. And there's always a chance that an underdog will beat the odds and defeat a basketball powerhouse. This year, Florida Gulf Coast University, a school ranked near the bottom of the 64-team tournament, is stealing America's hearts with surprise victories resulting from huge dunks followed by outrageous celebrations.

Tell it how it is

Parts of the midwestern and southern United States were hit with severe weather last week. Some of the storms produced hail storms with chunks of ice the size of tennis balls raining down and hitting buildings, cars and people. The scene was crazy. But one woman interviewed on a local TV news station described it best.

School: Triangular food unsafe

A school in Essex implemented an interesting rule after a food fight resulted in one student having to go home because of an eye injury. The school banned triangle-shaped flapjacks. After a triangular snack hit the boy in the eye, school officials determined the shape was far too dangerous and banned them from the school. The only safe shape, they determined, are square flapjacks. Common sense tells me two things: First, it's the children who are the problem, not the shape of the food. Second, a square flapjack can be broken into two triangles, therefore doubling a student's arsenal of ammunition in the event of another food fight.

This wacky world!

A magazine in Sweden opened a homeless hotel. For $15 (less than 100 yuan) people can choose to rent one of the hotel's unique "rooms", which include a dirty mattress under a bridge, a sleeping bag in a park or a park bench.

US Vice-President Joe Biden took a trip to London in February. His bill recently made news, because a one-night stay cost more than $585,000.

Brazilian model and DJ Sabrina Boing Boing posted photos of herself on Instagram breast feeding a baby cow. This Boing Boing woman is "udderly" absurd.

A baby sea lion made its way from the ocean, on to a beach, up some stairs, across a street and on to a lounge chair in a California hotel lobby. So cute.

This week's best viral video is a remix of the interview we showed you earlier in the show. Break it down!

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