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Don't Get Over-Emotional


Examiner: Describe a person who has had a big effect on your life. You should say how you met that person and why that person has such an impact on your life.

Candidate: My girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend really. We were together for 6 months. She didn’t go along so well with my father. She manipulated me into hate my father as well. And…then...he then hated me and then he left our home. All this feelings of jealousy come up and you kind of… you’re angry all the time because who’s that boy… who’s you. It was unbelievable guilt.. and it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t know that….

Examiner: Thank you. Thank you. Hmm…do you think hmm…shopping has a negative impact on your society?


In an interview situation it’s always good to express yourself and to convey your feelings, however there is a limit. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation that causes you to become over-emotional and perhaps lose control – this could jeopardise the success of your whole interview.

In order to avoid this think about the kind of things that you may be asked about in an interview that could cause you to get emotional – a pet that died recently, an exam you failed, an argument you had with a friend. By thinking about them in advance you can mentally prepare yourself to talk about them, or our best advice would be to try to avoid talking on these sensitive subjects altogether and wherever possible answer the question using a different example.