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Not a Job Interview


Candidate: Fact 1, Joao is highly productive. Evidence, I increased the sales last month for 17%.

Candidate: Fact 2, Joao is creative. Evidence, Joao conceptualized 8 projects for his team within last year.

Candidate: Fact 3, Joao has leadership. Joao managed to increase morale within 69%. Morale just shoot up.

Candidate: Fact 4.

Examiner: What’s the most interesting building in your hometown?


Are job interviews the same as IELTS interviews? The answer is, in some ways they are and in others they are not.

How are they the same?

In a job interview and an IELTS interview you are asked questions and based on your answers you are judged by another person. In both you are trying to create a good impression.

How are they different?

In a job interview you are trying to showcase your experience, your qualifications and your skills and expertise that are relevant for the job you are applying for. In contrast, in an IELTS interview you are only showcasing your level of spoken English and it is this that the examiner will judge you on.

In an IELTS interview you do not need to sell yourself in terms of your job qualifications or experience you simply need to demonstrate to the examiner your competence in English. Unfortunately in our video clip, Joao does not understand this and concentrates on selling himself more than selling his English ability.