The Melody Of Fairies(原创)

THE MELODY OF FAIRIES is one of the cartoons his loves. Although he could not tell the clue of the story exactly, he really memorizes the feelings of gloom: cruel existence, hopeless die. No one cares, and no one blesses.

Purity comes to the light when all the packages are ripped off.

He really loves that kind of expression or emotion showing in the right eyes.

Last night, he came across a vagrant dog in the campus. Dressed in beautiful tiny clothes, she wandered absentmindedly.

Instantaneously, a cute cat jumped into his mind.

Yes, a cat.

Months ago, when it is the summer vacation, every night he going to the shop to buy some soft drink, he would see a little cat, curling up with cold in the underbrush, meowing. Sometime, he would stop, and try to approach her. But she never let him do that.

Such situation lasted for several days. One night, he came back from the shop as usual, and again, he saw the little fairy. Hesitating for a moment, he stopped to extend his hand with something to eat. To his surprise, this time, she went out, lapping his palm. You may never understand how a lonely man needs a partner, even though it is just a little cat. So, he brought the fairy to his room, then, like a kind father, bathed for her, and prepared a warm nest for her. Also, he fetched some hams for her dinner.

He thought maybe life would change from that night. But things didn't turn out as he wished. It seemed rather unaccustomed for her. She was meowing all the night long. Evoked by the cry, he watched the little fairy, thinking, perhaps, freedom was the only thing she wanted. So he got up, and opened the door. Wandering for a moment, the cat went away.

Time flies in its own way. Several days after her gone, he saw her in the shop by chance. Tied up with a line, she now looses the freedom. Gossip came, and he learned that the cat belonged to the owner of the shop. Days ago, the pitiful fairy came back to the shop to find something to eat, but grabbed by the owner.

Things he could do are nothing.

Things happen, and things go on.

Something will stay in memory, and some will be forgotten.

What am I doing now?

Just wait for some day.

作者:北京林业大学通讯员  张文凭

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