Gone With the Wind(原创)

Time has elapsed. More than two years of university life is now around the corner. As a junior student, I could not help recalling those days that have passed with anything but a complicated feeling.

I can never forget the first day I came to campus. Full of curiosity and excitement, I was eager to be a university student. However, it did not go well as I expected. This was the first time I left my parents so far away, and homesickness drove me crazy. Thanks to my roommates’ help, I adjusted to the new environment gradually. During the military training, standing still in the cruel sunshine, most female students sobbed sorrowfully. Hard as it was, I came to realize how to be a strong-minded person.

When the military training was over, the real university life began. My close friends and I often walked along the campus road, talking loudly and laughing heavily, which always caught the attention of passers-by. Some of them with an arrogant appearance, affirmed, “They must be freshmen!” On hearing this, we were not embarrassed; On the contrary, we were proud.

The bright youth, the pour soul, the childish immaturity, and the lingering homesickness comprised my first year of campus life. The following year was not as easy. I had to work hard, which is my duty, I often said to myself. In addition, I was active in community activities, which I was interested in. From them, I learned something beyond textbooks, which enriched my experience.

On amount of my community activity, I have been elected to be the Vice-chairman of the student union of my department. I was extremely excited on the result; however, I know that there is a long way to go. I must keep sane.

I, from a timid girl to a talkative one, from an ignorant student to a good one, make progress bit by bit, with persistent confidence and fortitude. Now I have tasted success. I believe that anything is possible if you put your heart into it. It is the truth, indeed.

Energetic youth, positive attitude, experience of failure, obvious progress and forever friendship, all these are my good memories that I cherish in the bottom of my heart for all my life.

Those golden days, gone with the wind, are rooted in my heart, from which, I know that I must learn from yesterday, but live for today, and also hope for tomorrow.

作者:中国地质大学 程国静

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