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Water strategy a priority for China

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China called on the international community to highlight risk management of water-led disasters and food security by putting in place joint strategies to combat the challenges facing today's world.

"We need to establish an international exchange platform for sharing data with one another, carry out close cooperation in disaster control and relief operations, promote access to advanced technologies and facilitate cooperative mechanisms," Chen Lei, minister of water resources, said at a roundtable meeting on Saturday at the 5th World Water Forum. The forum, held in Istanbul, ended yesterday.

Global climate change has intensified in recent years with extreme weather and disasters following in its wake.

To cope with such situations, China organized the Special Session "Risk Management of Water Infrastructure Projects Related to Mega Natural Disasters" with six other countries: South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, the United States and the Netherlands, as well as the International Commission on Large Dams.

"We agreed to enhance disaster security systems and forecasting, build up capacities for emergency response and train people for self-protection and mutual assistance to prevent deaths and minimize damages from flood and drought," he said.

As a country frequently ravaged by floods and drought, and with its grain yields often threatened, China would join hands with its counterparts to mitigate the effect of such disasters on food security by sharing experiences with the rest of the world, Chen said.


1. Where was the 5th World Water Forum held?

2. To cope with global climate change, what Special Session did China organize?

3. Name the six countries that helped China organize the Special Session.


1. Istanbul.

2. "Risk Management of Water Infrastructure Projects Related to Mega Natural Disasters".

3. South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, the United States and the Netherlands.

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Water strategy a priority for China

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Water strategy a priority for China

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