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'Sleazy' kimono sparks anger

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Japan's finalist for the Miss Universe pageant has modified her costume after triggering a storm of protest with her outfit - a black leather kimono so short it exposed her hot-pink underwear.

The blog of Emiri Miyasaka, 25, who is set to represent her country at the contest in the Bahamas this month, was flooded with indignant comments over the daring creation, which also featured lacy garter belts.

Many said the outfit, first unveiled on a catwalk at a Tokyo media conference last month, was crass and sleazy.

"We are just surprised by the harsh comments from many people," said a staff member at IBG Japan, the fashion and entertainment company which organizes the Japanese part of the Miss Universe competition.

IBG said the kimono was originally longer, but its designer Ines Ligron decided to shorten it in a hasty decision taken before the press conference. Ligron is also Japan's director of the Miss Universe Organization.

The company now says Miyasaka will wear a less revealing design during Miss Universe events leading up to the final on August 23.

Ligron - who trained 2007 Miss Universe Riyo Mori - has in the past said she is seeking to evolve Japan's conservative sense of beauty.

After the latest furor, Miyasaka wrote in her blog: "The conservative and fashion dinosaurs are criticizing her costume, meanwhile the fashionistas love it. I care only about the movers and shakers in the fashion industry."


1. Where will the Miss Universe pageant be held later this month?

2. Where was the controversial kimono first unveiled?

3. Who designed the kimono?


1. The Bahamas.

2. On a catwalk at a Tokyo media conference.

3. Ines Ligron.

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'Sleazy' kimono sparks anger

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'Sleazy' kimono sparks anger

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