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History from the seat of a motorbike

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A motorbike, a bundle of maps, a bag of clothes and a national flag - those were Wang Longxiang's companions during his five-month-60,000-km trip across China.

Wang, a veteran explorer from Shanghai, left March 26 on a one-man expedition along the path of the Liberation War (1945-49), fought between the Chinese Communist Party and then rulers Kuomintang. The war led to the birth of the People's Republic of China, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this October.

"The trip is to commemorate the Liberation War and pay tribute to the 60th anniversary of the founding of China. Hopefully, it will also make the public more aware of our country's past," Wang said on returning to Shanghai yesterday on his Loncin motorbike. He was welcomed by students and a number of Red Army cadres.

Sporting the same black jacket he wore the day he left, the 52-year-old was eager to share his stories during the trip. The maps he traveled along were stamped with the postmarks of the 31 provinces and municipalities he visited. He also said he had traveled to more than 100 memorial and historic battle sites, and met war heroes who are still alive.

Thanks to his efforts, an old cadre in his 80s in Shanghai was able to learn that one of his comrades was still alive today in a small county in Shandong province. He was believed to have died on the battlefield in 1947.

With the help of local media, the two old friends exchanged calls with each other early this month.


1. What were Wang Longxiang’s “companions” during his five month motorcycle ride?

2. What did the trip commemorate, according to Wang?

3. What kind of motorbike did Wang travel on?


1. A bundle of maps, a bag of clothes and a national flag.

2. The Liberation War and pay tribute to the 60th anniversary of the founding of China.

3. A Loncin motorbike.

History from the seat of a motorbike

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History from the seat of a motorbike

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