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Pet cemetery opens

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Beijing's first dog cemetery opened on Saturday, as part of a park that also offers beauty services and psychotherapy to pampered pooches.

The dog cemetery, which is part of the CKC International Pet Dog Park in suburban Songzhuang, covers an area of 3,000 sq m. It provides cremation services and space for up to 1,000 tombstones, on which owners can write epitaphs in honor of their dog's life.

"The feelings experienced by owners who lose their dogs are comparable to those who lost close friends or relatives, but pet owners often find it is difficult to find a way to dispose of their dog's body," said Wang Zheng, deputy general manager of the dog park.

In addition to the cemetery, there is a dog playground, beauty salon, swimming pool, obstacle training course, and a psychotherapy room. There is also a restaurant where dogs can dine out on balanced meals suited to their needs.

"In Beijing alone, there is about a million licensed dogs. However, it is difficult for pet owners to have a place to establish a bond between human and pet. So we have created such a place that dog owners can enjoy a lively day with their canine friends," Wang said.

A Beijinger surnamed Xu, who has a three-year-old poodle, said: "A dog is more like a friend for me; I want to give him a good environment to grow. I heard that the park has a swimming pool, so I want to take him there."

Pet ownership has increased in line with rising household wealth since the early 1990s. Many dogs bought during that early period are now in their later stage of life.

So far, more than 10 owners have disposed of their dogs' ashes in the cemetery. Cremation costs about 600 yuan ($88), and owners pay 500 yuan each year for cemetery maintenance.

Veterinarian George Jiang said many dog owners buried the body in the garden because it was personal and cheap, however it was also damaging to the environment.

Wang said the park offered an environmentally friendly option for pet owners.

"Cremation of pets is becoming increasingly popular because it is hygienic and dignified. The whole process of cremation, including combustion, cooling, exhaust is pollution-free," Wang said.


1. What else is there at the park in addition to the cemetery?

2. How many licensed dogs are there in Beijing, according to Wang Zheng, deputy general manager of the dog park?

3. Why did many dog owners bury the body in their gardens, according to veterinarian Georg Jiang?


1. A dog playground, beauty salon, swimming pool, obstacle training course, psychotherapy room and a restaurant.

2. About a million.

3. Because it was personal and cheap.

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Pet cemetery opens

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Pet cemetery opens

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