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One-night stands accepted, but few practice

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More than 70 percent of 5,000 students from 10 universities in Beijing are accepting of one-night stands, according to a government survey released over the weekend.

The university students were asked about their sexual knowledge and attitudes between 2007 and 2008. However, while 73 percent of respondents said they could understand why their classmates might have a one-night stand, the number of students putting theory into practice was significantly lower.

"Only 7.9 percent of the students surveyed say they would actually try it," said Peng Yuhua, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Population and Family Planning that conducted the survey.

Peng said students are forming more diversified views on sex and marriage as Chinese society changes.

"I think it is just a physical need and I don't mind if any of my classmates want to have one-night stands," said a student surnamed Zhou from the Renmin University of China. But like most respondents, Zhou said she would not try it personally.

The survey also noted that as many as 5 percent of female college students were either mistresses or had sold sex during their period of education.

According to Zhou, four of her former high-school classmates now studying in Beijing are current mistresses of businessmen.

But aside from these relaxed sexual attitudes, a lack of sexual knowledge and protection are causing problems on campuses.

The survey revealed that more than 11 percent of students are at risk of contracting sexual diseases like AIDS because they do not use contraception.

Peng said that female students were often unaware of becoming pregnant and were seeking out abortions as late as 4 months into pregnancy.

The Beijing municipal government has sent out about 800,000 sexual health education books entitled College Students' Affection Stories to 92 universities in Beijing this year.

This is the first time the government has published a book relating to student sexual health.

The Beijing municipal government started a ten-year plan for health in August this year that includes sexual health education.


1. What percentage of students surveyed would actually try a one night stand?

2. What percentage of students are accepting of one night stands?

3. How many health education books have been sent out by the Beijing municipal government?


1. 7.9 percent.

2. 70 percent.

3. 800,000.


(中国日报网英语点津 Helen 编辑)

One-night stands accepted, but few practice

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One-night stands accepted, but few practice

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